Playing on keyboard

Hyperhal, get your ass in here.

extremely possible what you talkin about

I played KOF 97-00, LB, LB2, and MOTW for five and a half years before getting myself a PS2 adapter, and I could pull off crazy shit with Clark that I’m not normally able to do with a stick. So, yeah, digital input over analog ftw in my case.

Easiest way to do half circles/360s is to map left, down, right, and up to asdf or jkl; and then just piano.

Thanks orochitempest

i can do clark hcb, dash up hcb super really easily on keyboard.

You have to visualize the diagonals. Try doing it slowly… down, down AND towards, just towards. Then speed it up. As for half circles, well there’s more room for error since you’re doing away, away down, down, down towards, towards but if you do it slowly and practice speed up it’s really not all that bad. It makes you really think about the motion you’re doing but as mentioned before with the right keyboard it can be just as good if not better than a d-pad controller.

Hah, Mizuki knows my ways. >_>

But like woof said, when you don’t have access to other control methods, you tend to cling to what you can use. I can play stick, yes. I can even play a bit of pad every once in a while. But for me, I personally prefer my keyboard for playing fighting games. It’s all a matter of what you can perform with the best, using those peripherals to unleash your true potential. People don’t like pad warriors because they find them to be scrubby, but would you rather use something you know you can play with, or something that you aren’t comfortable with.

Anyways, all it takes is practice to get good with the keyboard. I can do every motion with this thing besides 720s, and thats because I dn’t play with any characters that have them.

You can tell I’m serious about using my keyboard because I’m even trying to get one made in the Tech board. <_<

Wow where’s the infamous KeyBoard Commando Emil when you need him? :confused: :rofl:

I can pull off most high level (and practical) max combos in kof with keyboard fairly easily…of course, nothing from the newest combo videos that require macros/hex. However, my setup seems kind of unorthodox, since on keyboard I control my character with my right hand and hit attack buttons with my left, and do the opposite if I’m using a pad/stick.

Half circles aren’t a problem for me in kof, as I can do instant run up hcbx2 throw supers fairly easily…for me, half circles register as long as you hit the three buttons consecutively, (left, down, right for instance). However, some games have stricter half circles, like Guilty Gear, and require me to do two seperate motions, left to down, then down to right (that’s four button presses instead of three). Takes some getting used to but I can do Slayer bite loops now.

Read what I posted earlier.

ya, same setup for me :looney:

i use arrows and numpad, or arrows and ins home pup del end pdow

When I didn’t have a stick for pc I was forced to use keyboard to practice stuff, and I have to say there’s some stuff that’s easier on kb, charge buffering being the prime example. Not that I wanna play on a keyboard ever again.

I’ve been playing on keyboard since KOF97, and I’m better on keyboard than on pad with most characters. Keyboard for me, is precise, but I can’t do 720s.

I play with the WASD format.
Most of the time for me it is:
Non-360 characters:
Keyboard >> USA joystick > Japan joystick > pad

360 characters:
USA joystick > Japan joystick > pad

For HCF stuff, I think it depends on the emulator and game. For some games, it is more strict, so it is harder to do HCF stuff. For me, KOF97, 98 is flawless to do HCF stuff, but games like KOF 2002 and SF3, it’s harder.

i’m playing GGPO on keyboard. it’s easy. convenient. and i can pull off everything except customs (can’t activate cause of ghosting/masking)

set ppp to one key and kkk to another and press both

Not a huge fan of keyboard but stuck with it for some games since I don’t have a USB converter. :x

I use the wasd for directions and generally fghcvb for attack buttons.

I suck at hit-confirming on keyboard though. ;_:

Most games are not so bad on keyboard but GG is… x_x

It’s impossible for me to do kara-grabs/anything on keyboard.I think it’s because the keyboards response time.

Former keyboard player as well for a few years. I used the arrow keys with my left and the number keys for attacks. The keyboard I had was a clunky compaq model, where you could roll your fingers across the keys similar to a pad. I couldn’t always do half circles, but had fireballs and dragons down pat.

I’m glad that I didn’t have a usb adapter at first. Since I was limited to only those motions, it forced me to focus on improving my observation skills and timing to deal with the crazier shit people were throwing at me. I got ragged on a lot for not playing fancy, but I got to a point that I could see a combo/trap/juggle a couple of times and figure out the exact point to attack or figure out a counter against it.