Playing on LAN connection. Any of you under 20 ping players? 3rd strike

Ok, I have run across a few of you guys on kaillera. Braver, Rushed Down, Barky, nataku, a few others. I’m sure you’ve all heard me complain about my connection and really bad delay. But, I just tried playing on LAN connection and with people who have a ping lower than 20 on godsweapon, the delay dropped dramatically. I can almost reaction parry and I can hit confirm on some attacks now. So, I’d really like to play some of you guys in 3rd strike who have very good ping on LAN connection. Cuz, since I’ve played this, its hard to want to play any other connection.

Though, to some of you guys, i don’t know if it would make a difference between good connection and LAN connection. To me, its a whole world of difference.

LOL, I play you all the time in person, that kills the whole point of playing on kaillera.

i usually get <20 ping on godweapon, pm me to set up a game

^theres no point playing LAN on an emulinker server.

You have to use the /setdelay feature as well…it definitely does make a difference, but usually it gets more laggy (but less delayed). Although when I used /setdelay, it was with higher pingers but I heard good results with low pingers.

In emulinker servers, LAN usually causes the game to run slower unless you’re both under like 20ms like you said.
However, in non-emulinker servers, I was able to use LAN at pings of up to 70-80ms.

If you want any LAN games feel free to IM me.

Though Emulinker’s gaming algorithm is still not correct, I temporarily set the input delay based on the player with the higher ping in GodWeapon [EmuLinkerSF v0.53.9: 07-21-2007]. So if you’re on 20ms and play a person on 100ms you will play at the 100ms delay. If you have 5ms vs 25ms, you will play on 25ms.

This is good or it can be bad. It’s good in the sense that people with low pings that play with people with low pings can play how they are suppose to play for the most part [run on sentence?]. It also allows people with higher pings to play a non laggy game but the delay increases slightly depending on how high a ping is.

You can use any connection type at any ping. The only downfall is players can’t play on their unique delay. The game’s delay is based on the person with the highest ping for now.

Connection Type: Lan = 1, Excellent = 2, Good = 3, Average = 4, Low = 5, Bad = 6
Delay Value = [(60/connectionType) * (ping/1000)] + 1
Frame Delay = connectionType * (DelayValue + 1)

Lan Connection Ranges:

  1. 0ms to 16ms. 2 Frame Delay.
  2. 17ms to 33ms. 3 Frame Delay

Excellent Connection Ranges:

  1. 0ms to 34ms. 4 Frame Delay.
  2. 35ms to 66ms. 6 Frame Delay.

Good Connection Ranges:

  1. less than 50ms: Is optimal for this connection type. You will experience a 6 frame delay.
  2. 50ms to 99ms is the next delay. most people fall under this and this is what Emulinker always felt like. You will experience a 9 frame delay.
  3. 100ms to … is the next and etc. You will experience a 12 frame delay.

The corresponding number to the Connection Type tells you how often a packet is sent and with how many frames of input.

eg. On Good = 3, You will send game input on every 3rd frame. This packet will contain 3 frames of input.

Obviously Lan would be optimal because data is sent on every frame.

All Stock Emulinker Servers will have a 9 frame delay on Good, 6 frame delay on Excellent, and 2 Frame Delay on Lan. This has been hardcoded in due to lack of knowledge at the time. So that’s why pings less than 100 only seem to work well on a Good connection in Emulinker servers.

The stock Kaillera servers allowed a 100ms ping on a Good connection type vs a 10ms ping on a Lan connection type. The 100ms would feel is delay and the 10ms would feel his.

Such a perfect explanation. I had a feeling this is how it worked, but now that we have someone who is an authority on the matter stating this, I can point every fucking newb over to this thread.

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I only get 15 ping in Emularena, which is where I’m usually at.

I just tried this with kumiho and macumazahn.

I thought it was one of the best sessions we ever had.:tup:

Almost no delay whatsoever.

Where are you A_rival:confused:

Sadly I ping about 40-45 everywhere. T_T

i get 18 ping at god weapon on lan… so hit me up if u wanna play some.

also get 15 ping at emularena (the ny server)

Dude, I’m west coast! BUT

This weekend I’ll be in NY. I’m gonna get some East Coast Server action in, so we can LAN it up and see what the fuck is REALLY UP.

YAW HAW HAW we’ll record it. Also, get Kumiho in. Last time our connection sucked buttcheeks. BRIIING IT.

I get around 32 ms, probably the border line between excellent and lan… probably better at excellent