Playing on PC


I bought a new laptop, just wondering if AE is any good on PC? I have it on 360 and PS3 also (almost never play PS3). There’s a steam sale going on, or I could just buy a cheap disc off of Amazon.


At least in Europe AE is very much alive and well. Comp may be lacking a bit compared to console though.


I play some decent players from time to time, usually in endless, but disregarding orange bar online Blanka/Honda/T.Hawk tactics, and the same 100% randomness of Seth you probably experience on consoles as well, you wont find many challenging opponents IMO


Ah. I’ll just stick to XBL and the inbox abuse then.


Trust me in US the PC crowd is doing well and there’s a shitload of 3500+ PP comp.
Considering the price and free live, I’ll do it again anytime.


Also, there’s no inbox abuse. The worst rudeness I’ve yet to experience is silence.

As far as comp, dunno. Saw some scrub called Gagapa in Endess yesterday.


You may not get much out-and-out hate like you would on XBL/PSN, but you won’t be free of salty messages either. In general, though, salty messages tend to focus more on either making gripes about what X character has, or what the player did.