Playing Online Against Foreign Players


In the spirit of getting better at SF4, and with the advent of online gaming, I try to play against players from all over the world. I have found this to be a pretty enjoyable experience and my game has gotten a lot better,

Now, I have tried playing against Japanese players because I figured, if there are any tough players out there, they are probably the Japanese. Unfortunately, every time I try to play someone from Japan, they kick me out of their session.

Is this just me or has it happened to any of you? If there are any Japanese players here on SRK, am I just making this up? If I am not making this up, is there anything I can do to be “accepted” ?


You’re not of glorious nippon, as all japs are huge xenophobes, and want nothing to do with filthy outsiders.



They just probably wanna play Japanese players. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dwell on it.


Most likely they are kicking you because it of the lag caused from playing someone very very far away.


Most likely this. When I played 3S on 2DF, I had the least amount of lag against Japanese players compared to other countries(I had some decent games against Korean and Chinese players as well though). I dunno much about SF4’s online play, but if it’s similar to GGPO or 2DF, it’s most likely this reason.

So yeah, I wouldn’t dwell on it too much. Most Japanese players aren’t that reclusive/discriminatory to not wanna play other foreigners.


Lets estimate that 33% of the online SF4 population is Japanese, so that would mean it would be easy to find 5 bar games in JP because the internet is blazing fast in that country. To be the one to find that nice person that wouldn’t mind playing 4 bar connection, you would probably have to live in Korea(great internet there). Anywhere else would be 2 bars or less because of the lag caused by distance and inferior internet connection.

If you put yourself in a japanese player’s shoes, you will know why there’s usually no point in playing bad connections.

GGPO is the only client that you can use to play foreign players around the globe. For every game except for 3S, everyone you play will have 1 frame lag at worst, if you both have a quality broadband ISP.


For some reason Japanese people always challenge me on GGPO, looks like they like to play Mexicans =P
They always woop my ass on the A2 Room, some guy Clorets has the Best Gen i have ever seen, i thought miy gen was good and shit.


Sirry gaijin, we no pray you kind.


ahh… this takes me back to the good ol’ days playing Diablo II. Inverse situation. Korean players would flood the US servers in the evenings. Folks blamed lag solely on their presence. It was a sad state of affairs. :shake:

So yeah, don’t get salty about it. Even if their room says, “Japan only”, they’re just trying to keep slow connections out, american or otherwise.


That being the case…

Well, that explains a lot. I am glad to know its not like they dont want to play me because I am a gaijin, but because I am inadvertently causing them lag.

Btw, is there any way I can decrease the lag I am causing?


not to a level that will want them to play againt you - japanese internet is so good that their online experience against eachother is virtually lagfree

but generally you should use wired internet against wireless and don’t use your internet on anything else while playing (downloading, surfing etc.)