Playing online does damage deterioration to your skills

Im trying to get good enough to join the tourney scene and playing online isn’t making me better. I noticed that I’ve gotten used to most people online falling for the same mix ups/cross ups and their lack of defense is preventing me from improving my offense plus the lag negates my 1000 mph input which gets me bodied more then it should. I need to face the sort of offline competition that’ll body me for the tiniest mistakes and etc. This is not a complaint thread about online play, I just simply want to find local players I can improve with and adapt high level play. If any good marvel players stays in or near burbank ca message me plz so we can play. Im pretty sure there is but im new to the area, and can’t afford the drive to WNF yet.

I play X-23…If she touches you your point is dead…Your 2nd will get level 3d then killed…Your anchor will get mixed up and killed…Simple as that

if playing online damages the deterioration of your skills, that’s great.

There’s a regional matchmaking forum if you’re looking for locals.

  1. What rank are you online? Keep going up the ladder. Eventually you’ll start getting your ass kicked by the japanese.
    2.Casuals and “Pros” alike play online so use the match thread to find SRK’ers who know their stuff.

I’ve only played online and I’m ok at the game.

why don’t you just go to a tourney instead and get better that way?

and if you looking for local players there is a regional section…go there

I played online for 2 Years and the first local Tournament/Gathering I went to (Small Time, Small Cash Prizes, it likes like £200) I came 3rd against guys who regularly play every Friday, Considering about 50 people attended for Blazblue & SF Alone, I was happy.

Spend more time in training mode then and learn offline stuff that works. Also online is great for helping you play against certain matchups.

I live close to Burbank! … Oh wait, you said good
players, never mind… :sad:

I think online is practically mandatory if you don’t have a close by/easy to access scene. Its still great for trying to execute your gameplan, and working out the kinks. Lots of Marvel is the simple execution of your gameplan, not necessarily how skilled you are overall. Also, its quite good for learning matchups, as you’ll find more of the quirky characters online. The only real argument I can see for online being bad is how it will mess with your offline timing.

Just because you know your opponent will fall for a cheesy tactic, doesn’t mean you have to spam it or abuse it if you’re really trying to learn. Small example being like, always getting used to canceling j.S into hammer even if you know your opponent will get hit by the j.S all the time

Do all your moves/training offline against locals or in training mode.

Go online for the match up experience. It exposes you to a variety of tactics and strategies from different people, thus letting you form/improve your way of playing.

play against friends. to me this is one of those games where playing online is a hindrance to your skills.

Training online exposes you to different match-ups and play styles that would almost be impossible to get offline

I’m pretty decent online, but when I play offline without lag, I straight body fools. Online is like running in the mountains where there is less oxygen, playing offline is like running at sea level. If you train in high elevation then when the time comes for you to run at sea level, it’s that much easier

It depends on how you play and who you use, which makes online perfect for some players, but horrible for others.

Its not that they’re falling for it, its that you can’t block split second mixups online. More often than not they are probably blocking the right way, but because of lag it doesn’t register and they get hit. Online is bad to that extent yes and it can get you into habits of timing too which fucks me up all kinds of ways.

playing online tends to get a little “mashy” (i.e., just meaty jabbing your opponent as they get up works way more often than it should).

but overall the level of play isn’t that bad. at the least, you’ll learn how to instinctually deal with commonly spammed moves

If you live in a part of the country without a fighting game scene its really rough because your skill does cap out online and using cheaper/weaker tactics pays off more. I personally don’t have a fighting scene, and am forced to play online. Even though I am only 3rd lord I could be much higher but I focus on learning more advance tacts and improving my game. (For instance if someone is lower ranked than me I will play my backup teams to get better overall skills and knowledge) I know it pays for its self offline cause I’ve fought the some players offline at majors and online and do way better offline than I do online. That being said I’ve attended all majors within a days travel of me, about 4 it think. And everytime time I’ve come 1 win from money to just be beaten by someone like Floe or NerdJosh. You can learn alot from online but you need to make an effort to learn, winning a match is less important than learning. I’ve lost many a game to someone worse than me because of dropping a fancier combo or setup cause of input lag but I’ll still go for it every time to get better.

Online will never make you worse at the game but it will never make you better than a local scene. You just have to remember which combos to not bother with online.

At least after you ignore the fact that the members of Team Trenchcoat show up in at least a quarter of all the teams, at least on XBL. Yeah, I’m salty. The only other person I know in my area who plays is absolutely terrible, though, so online is my only option.

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