Playing online on emulators? GGPO?

so i found out you can play onlne with emulators and stuff. Anyone have a link to the games GGPO and the emulator, and have a tutorial for set up?

Can’t wait till sf4 live so i guess i rape some kid scrubs on online on emulators haha, lets see the competetion of this site compared to me.

So you can’t find the site/a tutorial yourself and you want links to roms? Brilliant combo :rofl:

No, but seriously… No asking for roms and use google to find GGPO, and common sense says they’ll have a tutorial there.

Best bet is to google the GGPO website since they have forums and the readme isn’t too bad with getting you started.

However, with any legit site that deals with emulators, I doubt their site or forums will link you to any usable roms.

Thats pretty big talk there tuff guy. What game you play ?

Damn dude, that’s kinda harsh. Do you at least lube up? Keeps the bleeding down.

Why just little kids?

So before clicking on “Tech Talk” what’s that ggpo stuff below mean? Couldn’t be for ggpo that’s just way too obvious.

Dude remember Michael Jackson used to do the same thing and look at him now. :rofl:, so my advice stop raping little kids ok.

I’m quoting in hopes mods see this before he changes.

Bold Prediction of the Day: You are going to get mauled by anyone and everyone who sends you challenges from the moment you started this thread.

^^ LOL!! GGPO players are freakin pro, I get perfected on there all day long… yet still so fun.

Asking for roms…I swear this guy is trying to get himself banned.

Agreed, but he’ll probably blame it on “lag”. Hell, he’ll probably get beasted on Dungeons and Dragons.

dude im a decent player when it comes to ST
but those dudes on GGPO fucking MURDER ME pretty badly leaving me a little sore from all the ass raping i get!
other than that just fucking google it!

here ya go

Lol at someone giving me negative rep for this. In the future save your time, because I could give a shit…

luckyday you never faced me so how do you know my caliber? yeah like i said some people will be good but others will suck. its all the hype. well i found out how to get ggpo but need to roms. Cain’t wait to rape some shoryuken membassss haha

You’re right I don’t know how good you are. You could be awesome. Hell you might beat me, people on GGPO do all the time.

Let’s just say I made an educated guess based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) the fact that you posted in this forum asking how to get GGPO and Roms when the information is easily obtained. In fact most of the info could have been found mere inches away from where you clicked to get to the ‘Tech Talk’ forum.

I’m not judging your ‘caliber’ as a Street Fighter player. I’m judging your intelligence. And that’s a pretty important factor when you’re playing some of the people you’ll come across on GGPO.


woo guys got it wroking , my gamertag on ggpo is abel_mastah. I’m playing third strike


(That’s lol backwards)

Haha, that’s what I was thinking. Everybody on GGPO is really good, most likely better then you.

And before I get this thrown at me as a come back, they are way better then me too. Believe me, I know.