Playing ps2 fighting games on ps3 with HDTV

Do you guys like to actually fit to screen or just have the black bars on the side??

Or just get a PS2 and play on a normal TV, so that shit won’t lag to the point of being unplayable.

I’ve never experience any lag. Just on taito legends bubble bobble

Or connect the ps2 to the hdtv with component cables. Wtf are these black bars op’s talking about? Everything looks fine.

  • PS2 games on PS3 do lag, always. It doesn’t matter which model of PS3 you have or which game you’re playing or what kind of TV you’re using or how you’ve hooked up your PS3 to the TV. It’s a very small amount, but it’s absolutely definitely there. Consider yourself fortunate if you don’t notice it!

  • Almost every single PS2 game was created with good ol’ 4:3 TV’s in mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a PS2 or a PS3 to play them. The OP is referring to whether you like to let your 16:9 TV’s stretch the picture horizontally to fill the whole screen, or if you prefer to let your TV preserve the picture’s original dimensions. That feature is usually called “4:3 mode” in the TV’s menus or can be toggled on using the “aspect” button on the remote control, and it’s where you get those blank columns on the left and right side, and the image just shows up in the center.

  • I was going to say that this should go in Tech Talk like I normally do, but once I actually opened this thread I realized it’s too pointless to belong there.


i leave the black bars, but i play the games with my ps2 with component cables, that way i dont have lag with GG or HNK

Since it’s here…

The article linked at AVSforums says that the problem is the PS3 filtering 480i through HDMI. If I were to get component cables on my PS3, too, would I reduce all the lag on my PS3? I just bought a second HRAP3 so I could play PS2 fighters on my PS3, and I really hope I didn’t just corner myself into 3ms lag forever :frowning:

I play tons of ps2 fighters on my launch ps3 hooked up through HDMI to my 56" DLP HDTV and none of my games lag to that point…not even close. In fact, it’s barely noticeable.

I noticed it on Tekken Tag Tournament on a regular tube tv. Was trying to get my nephew into the game so I bought it expecting it to be smooth as silk on the PS3. He had it hooked up with the regular RCA cables that come with the PS3. I have played that game too many times in the arcade so I could tell a big difference. Before seeing this thread, I figured it was the PS3 wireless controller.

get a slimline ps2 with swap magic and burn all your shit.

now if i technically own all those neo fighters on my neo (which i do, all these kofs and SS, FF and AOF and WH and more) in original format, would it be pirating if i have the ps2 ones as burned dvd’s?

Depends on the emulation options checked on the PS3. Smoothening will lag more than upconverting for sure.

Legally, the ps2 ports are updates of the originals, so I’m pretty sure they’re considered pirating.

Now, if they were backup neogeo cartridges, I would debate otherwise.

No one really cares though. :stuck_out_tongue:

what is ggpo?? forgive my ignorance please!!!

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On topic: 16:9. Can’t stand the black bars. I payed for a 40 inch and I’m gonna use 'em! :slight_smile:

As for lag, I personally haven’t detected any, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Although my MvC2 I had for PS2 sure seemed laggy as hell when I popped it in over a year ago… But I had attributed that to it just being a slower port in general. My SF Anniversary collection gives me no trouble at all.