Playing Rushdown (AE 2012)


Been a while since I’ve posted a thread here, but I’ve run into another problem. I’ve been having a lot of trouble recently while playing Yun and Cammy, mainly Yun, against the Shoto cast and Dudley.

I used to main Gouken, and got to around 1400 PP, where (IMO) The people I played were significantly better than at sub-1k PP. I know online rankings mean nothing, but they are better than nothing. Here I had problems with Dudley, mainly, because of the variety of mixups and tools to get out of my zoning game. the match feels like me running away, attempting a fireball game, and Dudley getting one good read or guess then pressing whatever buttons he wanted because one Ex HSF-P brings you into the corner. That and I’ve seen it combo’ed from any of his buttons. I got bored of playing Gouken and Rose (who is my personal Dudley counter-pick) and decided to pick up Cammy and Yun. While training my Yun game, I dropped to triple digits, and my greatest bane now is players who seem like they have a DP button.

My main issue is that I get mashed out of resets, slightly misspaced divekicks, and through the occasional missed combo. When I run it back with Gouken I win pretty much 100% of the time by making the usual reads about them jumping in and punishing fireballs, but I can’t seem to get around it with Yun.

tl;dr: How do I beat uppercuts without stopping pressure?


You could try staggering your strings (stopping intentionally for a few frames, then continuing with jabs/cr mp/whatever so if they dp you block and if not you continue pressure quickly enough that they usually don’t react properly.

But if they’re dp happy, generally resets are a bad idea and the last two are just your fault tbh.