Playing SF4 Console RIGHT NOW!

So I guess a few peeps have leaked this shit out and many 360 players are playing SF4 right this very instant. Do we not have any burn game ninjas out here in the NW that can get on top of this or is already on top of it and been keepin quiet?

If its to much of a hassle we can always wait til launch but if its a quick thing, shoot im down to get this shit going ASAP! We could be playing during Valentines day!!! lol

<3 SF4


No dice buddy…Mandel was even saying that if you do iso type shit, you won’t be able to play online.

Seattle don’t got the game…i’m putting my money on not getting it until release date too.

Have patience, fool.

Well as I understand it, if your XBox is modded, you’ll get caught once you get on live and you’ll get like suspended or whatever for a while (I know someone this happened to personally, and it’s not Cody. Besides who could ban Cody without crying afterwards?). What I’m concerned with though, is whether or not any Game Crazys are gonna be doing midnight releases. We could all meet up one last time at Narrows for MNF, leave at midnight, and fuggin rush a Game Crazy down and get the game. That would be bomb as fugg.

Last I heard Gamestops weren’t doing midnight launches =/.

Here’s my trouble. Someone on my friends list (gonna choose to keep him nameless) was online with SFIV earlier today. As I understand the Live system… that’d mean that he had to have a legitimate copy. When I asked how he got it… he said a friend of his is a game store GM.

My hunch is that someone… somewhere… is letting retail copies into the hands of needy gamers.

I want it. I want it now. Someone get these foo’s selling early.

most likely a japanese version of the game(which you can import), i heard it got released on the 12th? but people had it on the 11th and maybe even the 10th. i could be wrong and he somehow got the game early but it wouldent be illegal for him to be playing the japanese version of SF4 online.

I love blowing goats.

True… but I thought the 360 had region locking?

I can be patient.

At least… I have to tell myself.

…Why you gotta tempt me, Noz? Why you do this?

Haha I’m gonna wait myself actually

billy txted me he got the import

Some people stay fine on XBL with mods, my modded got banned personally but its hit or miss, also make sure the iso’s stealth patched and shit for less risk, but it is a significant risk

I got it a couple hours after it leaked, hadnt played it before, its goot shit

It does, but its on a per-title basis - it’s not universal. Some games are region-locked, some aren’t; it just depends on the publisher, I guess.

You will not link to torrents of the game. A ban has been issued, I assume I don’t have to ban anybody else either. Don’t piss me off by ripping off Capcom.


Pirates are losers. Espicially when it’s a quality game by a quality group of people.

My own opinion. Way to contribute to douchbaggery.

Way to keep it legit. :tup:

This is honestly the most painful wait I’ve had since I learned that my Dad was gonna buy me Tecmo Bowl for the NES after school one morning. Good fucking lord.

Really, I have had that “Night Before Christmas” feeling for the past few weeks. I went to bed this christmas feeling normal and thinking that maybe I was to old to feel like that anymore. Thanks Capcom, thanks for proving me wrong.

That’s probably the best analogy I’ve heard yet. So true.

you guys don’t want to know how hyped i fucking was when i heard ppl were getting the game on wednesday, added to the fact that someone on my friends was playing too

I felt like a crack fiend that just found the hook up on some bomb ass shit.

Like you guys would’ve been crackin up at how hyped I was.

Seeing someone playing on my friends list pushed me over the edge. I’ve been getting crazy hyped anyway… then I saw that… and now… it’s like bloodlust for the game or something.