Playing SF4 Console RIGHT NOW!

So uh, who ordered sticks and got them? :wgrin:

My shit is here!

I got the white stick (Reg stick)

My TE stick should be at game crazy on tuesday…i kinda want to camp out there to make sure i get that shit. But my boss has me scheduled to come in and work that day, but fuck all that.

In a totally impersonal, “I’m jealous,” sorta way…

I hate you.

Hehe I still have one more TE on the way from UPS, it will be here Monday.

Thank you for that. You’ve now moved up from the “I hate you” list to the “I am done talking with you” list. :rofl:

Why? Are you planning on selling 2 or 3 on ebay?

I’m really curious as to why you bought 3 TE sticks, and a regular stick as well.

The extra TE stick is for a friend, and the SE is a 360 one I just modded for our local tourneys that will be run on 360.


1 te for a friend

1 for you

the se if one you modded for local tourneys…

one isn’t accounted for…are you holding out on me paul!

No seriously I’m concerned that I might get shafted at the game crazy because I have to work noon to 9pm…after specifically saying to my boss that I wanted that day off.

I never said one for me my friend, I have 2 for me and the SE is just icing on the cake that is 2 TE sticks connected to my PS3 connected to my 32in LCD TV and that = a pretty ok setup just waiting for SFIV to release.


Wish i could order 3 TE sticks. Times are tough.