Playing sf4 on a mac

So. I figured out my probem

For those who haven’t been following from the steam opinion pole thread on the main sf4 page, I have a macbook pro with xp sp3 through bootcamp. XP was using fat32 instead of ntfs. I originally wanted to know if the 4 gig file size limit would still let me download games through steam.

  1. NO you cannot use steam if you have a fat32 formatted HD / file system. Steam downloads will crash (read that from the steam forums).

  2. Yes you can format your existing partition to ntfs without a format.

  3. I decided to redo my partition so I could have more disc space too.

Here are the links I used:

How to format from fat32 to ntfs:

How to resize your partition, convert to ntfs, not lose any data:

this guy was also removing his hd, and replacing it with a new one - skip those steps.

Thanks a lot for sharing these great resources. I was searching for some articles that can explain the conversion without losing data but was unable to find some because of lack of time as I was busy in the preparation of mcse training, 000-071 dumps, 000-076 dumps exams. Keep sharing buddy, its really great help…

i’m amazed someone still had a FAT32 partition in this day and age… thanks for figuring out the obvious

On a Mac, when you use bootcamp to make a windows partition the Mac creates the partition as FAT32, so many people tend to leave it that way. Also, you can then write to the windows partition since the Mac cannot write to NTFS out of the box (or at all even??? I heard of a plugin but never looked into it). But ya… 4GB for a file is a joke now so FAT32 kinda sucks.

Good to know, I was thinking about firing up bootcamp to play some SFIV on my macbook.