Playing Smart in Fighting Games


Hey guys n gals. Haven’t posted here in awhile but I’ve come across a few issues and I need some tips.

So I’ve been playing online a lot lately,only because I’m not able to make it own to my scenes gatherings as much due to lack of transportation and being so young. So through spending a decent amount of time online (SSF4 mostly) I need some tips on playing Smart, and or things I should keep in mind. I main Juri, Second Bison, though I’ve been playing him more lately. I’m having trouble on how to approach my opponents and no taking risks. As most of you may know, there are tons of mashers online, some even dish out stuff you wouldn’t even dream to see. I know that’s what you need to prepare for in fighting games but I was just mainly wondering the following:

*How should I go about rushdowns?
*What are some tips regarding footsies & zoning
*What are some good ways to go about mixups and crossovers?
*And lastly, what are your personal tips on picking up your opponents patterns in their gameplay

Sorry if these questions are a little to general. I’m mainly just looking for some good tips. :karate:


Those are a lot of really broad questions. Try this, for everything you want and more, although it’s definitely too much to handle in one or even a few sittings. In general, work on one aspect of your game at a time until you are satisfied, and if you are really dedicated, you’ll improve.


Yeah sorry about that, since my knowledge is very minimal about these things the questions will only seems Broad. Thanks for the link though, this seems like some very good information. I will be sure to read!


^that’s a great link!