Playing Street Fighter 4 on an SDTV

I have a PS3. While watching any scene in the game, that is really fast like when i execute super combos or ultra moves, even in cutscenes and the opening, the game skips frames you could see it crack into squares. when the image is suppose to be really fast, so i am just wondering that this is because i have it played on an SDTV or not because all the other games i have does not have this problem at all. I could really use some advice. Thanks

It might depend on what video input you’re using. If you aren’t using component you ought to try switching to that, instead of the yellow composite. Also, if you have a really good monitor (They’re cheaper and usually better than TVs Anyway) you could us A DVI-HDMI adapter to play on your monitor.

Hope that helps.

thanks man, i’ll try it