Playing Style and Personality

The way people play fighting games often reflect someone’s personality.

I was just watching my younger bro play A3 and his favorite charcter is Ken. Ken by nature is a very aggressive character to play which leaves probably very little room for patience. Unfortunately for my bro he tends to play with only the Fierce and Roundhouse buttons which means that he’ll have a hard time dealing with the faster moves.

My favorite character is Ryu. I consider myself to be a pretty patient person, so I can usually see an opening if there’s an opportunity. Even so, my problem is being aggressive enough to create openings and exploiting them. So in some respects, I should unlearn being a pacifist.

What about your playing style and how it matches with you?

Wait… WHAT?

Are you comparing yourself to a character? Gamefaqs is that way.

Now if your talking about play style like rush down or turtle, than I guess this could be a decent topic.

I play an aggressive turtle. Yes aggressive turtle.

keepaway+turtle style motherfuckers

If the thread dies off and no one cares great - it’ll be forgotten. No big deal. All you had to do was answer the question, Mr. Smarty Pants. :rofl:

It really depends on the mood Im in.

For the most part.


Not really, it’s mood with me also. I just select whoever and fight the best way I can…

I too play mostly as an aggressive turtle, which is rather logical given the kind of characters I use…

WTF is this bullshit, if you want a patience character, ryu aint it, ryu is just ryu, a good but boring character that excels at nothing.

if you want a character that plays with patience, go pick sim.


i usually pick characters in fighting games cause i like fightin games

You cant be good at fighters if you consider you have a style to perform to. This is because in fighter the person who adapts to the situation wins, and different situations require different style often multiple mixes at the same time. Also depends on what goal your trying to achieve, not to lose, to win, to look cool or piss off your apponent and so on.

So its difficult to answer your question.

I have to disagree: the way you play is not the result of your playing style, it is your playing style that can be defined from the way you play. People don’t just decide “oh I’m so gonna rush-that-shit-today” regardless of their characters, their match-ups and what they are best at.

This being said, if some people stick to an absolutely non-practical style, except perhaps for the sake of training, I’d say they have gone insane.

And seriously, what is the difference between not losing or winning? It’s not like you can rely on draw matches anyway. And also unless the world has changed dramatically I don’t think anyone that has played fighting games more than just casually plays “just to look cool”. If, besides winning, he can play with one hand or perform psychic counters or land really tight combos then more power to him but in the end we all play to win.

Well the difference in saying not to lose and saying to win is the play style. A turtle plays not to lose, and an aggressive guy could be said plays to win. That was the distinct difference in play style I was refering to. To look cool, yes there are people that may stick to a low tier or always try to finish with a specific combo and such. Although winning is the basic goal it may not exactly be the highlight for them.

And here I am using playing style with strategy. Every good fighter makes a strategy when he goes into battle, how well the strategy holds up is another matter.

I’m good at life, and my playstyle is to beat other people, so it’s such a reflection!

I see what you did thar.

I always use bison, does that make me an aggressive bad ass dictator?

lol. mike, you forget about ryu’s flexibility; he can be played a myriad of ways.

look at valle or watson with their ryus in ST.

…that’s not boring to me!

As for me, I play Guile (or Charge characters in general); I love spacing and smacking people with Fierces in their face. :wink: