Playing Styles-- What's effective?

I searched for a thread like this, and couldn’t find one… maybe there is a really old thread, but not in the first 3 pages like this:

Like Dana White says “Styles make fights.” I’ve been thinking about how some of the top Urien players play by watching their matches, and I am trying to figure out what aspects are great for their style and what is chaff.

My favorite player is Senaka, and I like his style of poking/counter poking and generally standing his ground. I’m also assuming that this style’s aim is to control Mid Range/keep out. I have never been a rushdown player, and am hoping that I can develop a decent foot games based syle. I’m also a big fan of how Rockefeller used to play and other things like that. I actually prefer a slower poke to faster stuff like what Ken has because I moved to Urien from Hugo. Obviously if I find a break or an opportunity to hit with something big, I go for it and don’t necessarily turtle up.

However, there is this whole other school of thought on Urien that seems to be more popular: the RX semi aggressive style. I really don’t like getting that close to my opponent by choice as I’m a defensive guy mostly, but I’d still like to know what you guys think of why this works so well. (besides the damage output of unblockables and what not) It looks like the RX style is mostly done in foot game range.

And then the crazy Messatsu Freestyle Partition style. I can’t even begin to see myself playing like this. It looks random and unsafe, and kind of unreplicatable, like Alex Valle’s general style. Is freestyling really that necessary/effective, or is it just another trick in the bag? (I don’t mean basics like headbutt throw and shit like that) This is right on top of a player.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 9 months or so trying to theorize in 3s, but it seems impossible for an old ST player like myself to do really. I just want to know what you guys think are the most effective style and why it’s like that. I have a hard time understanding how the non-Senaka Uriens play, cause I don’t play that way myself. Any insight is appreciated.

This is a good thread topic. However, I don’t really think RX is noticeably more aggressive than Senaka. In my opinion, they both play pretty safe, as compared to Ushi, Onanism, Messatsu, Pierre, ect. RX does tend to stick closer to his opponents, on the other hand Senaka tends to stick out dangerous moves like s.hp,, and naked tackle more often. Ive actually always felt that RX’s general style of play is pretty safe (although he seems to play much more aggressively versus Hugo and Q players). It seems to me that he tries to stay just outside of his opponent’s range, giving up as little ground as safely possible. He uses strings with,,, ect., which make it difficult for his opponents to dictate, and allow him to charge for a headbutt, should he see an opportunity (often to move in rather than actually connect with the headbutt). He builds meter by counterpoking and once he gets a knockdown, he uses an appropriate Aegis setup to inflict damage.

As for why aggressive players are successful, I can’t say for certain because I have a pretty safe style as well. But, clearly playing aggressively allows you to build meter more quickly and lets you make forward progress. I’ve noted that there are not that many great Aegis setups around one quarter screen or half screen, but there are a bunch of good ones aroud three quarters screen. And, in the corner juggles inflict more damage and let you build back more meter. Plus your opponent is trapped in the corner, so soon enough you’ll have the opportunity to go for another corner setup. With all of this and the fact that Urien essentially has more life to play with than normal-type characters, it’s not surprising that some players elect to play with an aggressive mindset of getting their opponent into the corner. [I think]

There is no most effective style as long as it works. Spamming buttons is not an effective style, but there are seperations to a degree.

Example: Senaka has an amazing normal game, but horrible execution compared to most top players. Pierre is great at knowing what the opponent will do next, and RX has incredible execution but lacks in other areas. Messatsu just does random, hard to do, unexpected shit. But they all win! Someone who turtles to Aegis will probably get backed into a corner and die, that is a bad playstyle!

I think I’m going to base my style off my ST M Bison style that’s slightly based off of Jeff Schaefer’s general playstyle and my experience with that game. I know transferring the skills and ideas from ST to 3S is hard, but I’d like to get some opinions. Thanks you guys for your replies of course.

I’m going to assume that you consider mid range a little bit outside of the range of Urien’s standing MK. That’s the range I try to control with Bison’s standing mk and that’s what I consider mid.

The basis of my style is harassment when not charged up with long limbs and control of the mid-range. Urien has a relatively good standing MK for this as well as standing mp and the all-mighty chop. His lows are pretty decent too and I should be able to stop dash ins pretty well. I’ll also use neutral jump hk. One thing I do with Bison is whiff standing mk’s and hks while holding back, I think I can do this with Urien except that I have to mix up standing mk with mp and hp.

This part I take from Jeff Schaefer:
In theory I think it’s harder not to corner yourself in 3s, but I am going to try to employ the style I use with Bison of never willfully jumping backward or walking backward, but in a different way. Since 3s makes necessary those tactics slightly, I am going to only use them when I feel I really need to, and try to push them more than they push me. Because Urien’s air defense is basically the same as Bison’s, I don’t ever want to be cornered. (forward mp, neutral jump mk/hk as opposed to ST Bison’s standing hp, neutral jhk/mk some jlk and to a lesser extent forward jump mp) I think neutral jumping and going for air to air is pretty safe.

If I have to fight close range I only do fast, safe moves with advantage, or go for throws in ST. (such as cmk, cmp, stand lk etc) With Urien I should be able to do low shorts and low jabs, standing jabs and mps for the same effect. I also have parry+launcher or parry+chop to employ. The main difference between 3s is that crouching isn’t as safe as it is in other games, I really have to compensate for that so that I don’t get Overhead>Supered or take fat fucking damage from being crouching.

From far range I’ll charge up and use fireballs and shit. I rarely play from far range in any game, my goal being to try to control the mid range. I think as Senaka shows, controlling the middle is very possible with Urien. I’m just hoping my usually neutral jumping and poking style can transfer over to 3S with some minor adjustments.

Does this sound reasonable? I realize that there are other characters who can control the mid range better than Urien, but the same thing can be said about M Bison in ST. I was able to use this style to good effect when I was playing Hugo so hopefully I can figure it out for Urien.

Also, i currently am w/out a group to test my theory… so responses/fb helps more than you think

I can’t confidently say any one style is better/more effective than another.Ive basically trained myself to alter my playstyle at any givin time depending on the opponents reaction.For example,against Akuma you have to be careful and keep your gaurd up looking for oppertunity to do dmg.However as soon as u get a chance to lay out some serious dmg the akuma player will generally back off and start zoning with air FB etc.At this point i usually break out the dash partitioning and well timed parries and rush him down.At any rate Im just trying to point out that alot of ppl dont even use the same style for an entire fight,only for the duration of a particular situation.

I dont play Urien but I just came in to say I like the discussion.