Playing tekken on a stick?

is it just me or is tekken hard as hell to play on a stick? i feel as though i cant react to somethings the cpu is doing and its pissing me off. i mean i really wanna learn it on a stick do any of you guys have any insight on this?

Let me say this in a nice tone before someone else comes and says it, Just practice on your execution and all shall be fine.

It’s you. Go practice. Jesus.

It’s you. I mean I’m playing on stick for the first time. Never played a 3D fighter on one before so yeah it’s tricky but clearly the better route. Like to pull off some of these combos- you need to be on a stick. You need access to all those buttons immediately.

Yes, its you. Just commit to some practice time and keep pushing yourself to learn.

Tekken was MADE to play with a stick in the arcades. So it’s just you. But buying the best stick out there won’t immediately pay off, or make you a gaming GOD. Most people here will say they spent weeks or even months to get perfect execution with the stick. But when you get used to it, you’ll never go back to a joypad again.

Definitely just you. After playing Tekken for 3 years on a pad, going back to a good ol’ Happ stick for T6 feels like coming home

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Don’t get angry. Stay cool and practice. You’ll learn quicker if you don’t attribute your flaws to the game.

It took me 3 days -__-

It is true, though, that a lot of the top Tekken players use a pad.

Yeah but that’s because they persisted and didn’t get tempted by the joystick players.
There are a few who are beastly with a pad, but it’s really much more difficult than a good joystick.

I never understood why people have a hard time adapting to stick. It really isn’t that hard. :confused:

A lot of the tourney going Tekken players in my area randomly use pad. Like they’ll even hook their PS2 pad up to the T5DR cabinet in the area. I believe stick is always the best for precision and I hate pad buttons.

It’s you. Don’t feel bad because I am playing Tekken 6 on a stick, the first time for a 3d fighter. It’s not like you don’t know what you are doing, it takes practice and time to get used to the buttons that’s all.

Speaking of Tekken on a stick I’m having a littles trouble.

As any fighting game player should after initial learning troubles with the stick I have been doing QCF motions nice and consistantly in every 2D fighter I’ve used it on but, for some reason Tekken 6 doesn’t seem to like how I do them, is there something I should be doing differently to how I usaly do them?

(The command history says that I am doing them but the character on screen does nothing)

I’m thinking Tekken might require you to do them faster or something but I am unsure, figured I’d post it here because dedicating a thread to it would be a bit stupid and this is on topic.

Should I perhaps be returning to neutral immediately after doing the QCF because it is in black arrows?

It seems like playing BlazBlue/SoulCal/any game with normals different from just standing and crouching helped me understand Tekken a bit more (9C 4A etc. – yeah I don’t use normal tekken notation cause that shit is terribly archaic. Why should it have a different notation from Soul Calibur again?) It takes a bit of time to get used to the buffer in the game, too.

We have a Tekken subforum!

Playing Tekken on pad is easy.

I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to do, but generally you only have to return to neutral if the command list says you do.

2009: where using an arcade stick on a fighting game is akin to using punch cards on a macbook pro.

im a pad player when it comes to tekken but i am enjoying the challange of learning it on a pad im not good yet but improving practice and paitinece is all you need

Thanks, but after having another go and practicing it a bit to make sure that did turn out to be what I needed to do :sweat:

(well either that or the act of letting it spring back must have changed how fast I did it to make it work)