Playing tekken on a stick?

I’m very new to Tekken myself (only played 3 and 4 and even that was VERY casually) so I know exactly what you’re talking about (it may also mean what I’m about to say is wrong lol). You’re right, do the motions faster or your character will do a rising attack (when you are ducking and attack as you are standing up) instead of the qcf move.

From what I can tell returning the stick to neutral just gets me a rising attack as well.

Heh, I used to do that. I always prefer playing sticks, but when Namco went the all-Sanwa route with 5.0 cabs, I went full-time to pads. I just couldn’t get used to used to the ultra-sensitive buttons and the square gate.

:S that’s a reason to go full-time sticks!

another reason to go full time stick…SBO!

If it helps, PS1 pad buttons feel a lot better and less mushy than the PS2’s, so often times those who plug their PS controllers in arcades usually use an old PS1 pad. Tekken is a lot more dependent on quick taps than turns, so for a lot of people a pad with a good d-pad/face buttons is preferred. Stick is easy to adapt to though, if you’re already familiar with it.

Try playing on pad while using your index and middle fingers for the face buttons if you wanna stick with it.

Although I do not have the game ATM, I’ll definitely practice on my arcade stick.

Ah thanks, guess doing it so it returns to neutral quick must just be making me do it faster then:sweat:

Still at least I know exactly what I was doing wrong now, thanks.

game feels natural on stick my new TE stick unlike sf4.

yeah it does for me too, though I think it’s because the T6 machine is all sanwa. I also set the buttons for the ones furthest from the stick so my hands feel very comfortable