Playing the online Cable

Sup guys, just recently I’ve been playing against a lot of Cables (more than usual) of various skill levels on XBL, and so I’ve been inspired to post this thread.

My matches usually play out like this: I’ll gain a lead by either killing/badly hurting the point or killing the assist. then cable comes on point with near full meter and then I can’t do anything safely except for holding back or down back. so what I’ll start doing is come down on cable from the air at which point I eat some sort of AAA… rinse and repeat until I get caught by a completely random unblockable AHVB which leads to my point char dying, next char guardbroken, etc. then I lose the game.

So i guess what I’m trying to say is that the glitched AHVB severely limits your ways to attack Cable… so aside from trying to bait out 5 unblockable AHVBs (which sounds like suicide), how do YOU go about fighting cable?? and I’m not talking about the arcade/dreamcast/ps2 cables, I’m specifically referring to the unblockable XBL/PS3N cables.

oh and don’t just say RTSD (plz give reasons!), because if the cable knows how to block and call his assists out there will be times where you will find yourself a full screen distance away… putting you right back at square one

I play both low and top tier teams…

I play every character like they’re 2002 Sentinel vs. Cable. Super jump forward blocking constantly trying to get in close. I go for it when I finally get near him and his assist is blown. Patience here is a virtue.

Yeah sometimes you still get dicked, there’s no way around that.

is mahvel online baby

there are only safe 3 inputs vs cable. bck, dwnbck and jupbck, the consistency between them is that you’re ALWAYS holding back. Anything other than those inputs will get you shot more than likely so cable is basically unapproachable when he has bar. Its impossible to deal with cable thats only going to AHVB when you move fwd.

Just be glad the patch is dropping soon since its currently finished from what preppy has been saying. This problem will be gone very soon.

Sounds somewhat extreme… on psn its more like… you can do things vs loaded cable so long as its something you can quickly cancel to block. Glad to hear bout the patch tho.