Playing to win in CVS2, not playing not to lose help

I’ve Chosen to play aggresive in what is nicknamed “turtlers game.”

i noticed that every succesful thing in competitive anything wins. I mean look at this!!!

80’s 49ers

They were all very succesful, and they were very offensive. I know that CVS2 can be played aggresively, but people just choose to play turtle because everyone plays turtle, or rushing isn’t safe in CVS2, i mean one huge whiff versus a full A-Groove Bison/Sak kills u.:frowning: I still hope the majority of players play D than O after they see this. In every competitive game i’ve played, i allways play the part of playing not to lose, but i’ve allways wanted to play to win.

So my point is, how do you play aggresive while staying safe?

i play K-Kyo/Morrigan/Sagat and i’m learning S-Kyo/Sagat/Chun.




Mongols : rushed down the Chinese, and then screwed up their own dynasty by rushing down with printing too much money. Inflation ensued. Overthrown.

Romans : rushed down other civilizations too much. Got corrupt. Died.

49ers : completely irrelevant to CvS2. The concept of one guy rushing down while other people block for him is MvC2, not CvS2.

Kasparov : chess is not about rushing down but baiting your enemy into making a mistake.

Fischer : que?

Napoleon : tried to rushed down the Russians, got pwned by the freezing wind of the motherland.

Germans : see Napoleon. Oh yeah, Germans got beat by the turtling Americans.

as you can see, rushing down isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Here’s how you play aggressive while staying safe.

  1. Whore roll cancels.
  2. Whore high priority pokes.

basically, be aggressive with your attacks, not aggressive with your position on screen. Stay the hell away from your opponent but still pressure him with pokes.

Try to find gosu japanese videos where Ryu will run away hurriken until he gets into position, then chuck a fireball, and control the pace of the match from there.

The REAL way to get successful in cvs2 is to play K Groove till you turn into Ino.

I didn’t know Starcraft playing Koreans had nasty Ryus that run away with hurricanes all day… :lol:

Playing aggressive isn’t the same as rushdown. kasparov is aggressive but he doesn’t rushdown. As a matter of fact, he’s not even top 20 in speed chess.

HAHA good shit. Im into sports, used to play chess in elementary school, and takin ap euro this year so i get all those plus the mvc2 shit was funny as hell. good shit:lol:

o yea, turtling and rushing imo go hand and hand, it just depends on the situation…unless your ino.

Pick Cammy and press fierce… serious rushdown:eek: (I’m serious)

Grow some balls and don’t be stupid… :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the biggest difference i see between turtle-type players and agressive players is that one usually waits for openings, while the other tries to force them.

Get rid of the fear, and try to go toe-to-toe with your opponent. Out-guess and overpower him. But I find if you’re gonna do this you’ve got to be smart enough to keep it up, keep yourself fairly safe, and anticipate their moves. A lot of times it’s actually pretty stupid and dangerous to try and be up in their face or always attacking, but if you can overcome it you come out looking like a hot playa instead of a cowardly turtle.

It’s all opinion though. If you’re going for just the win and turtling works best for you… turtle your ass off.

Control space. After dominating the area they thought was safe, they will make more mistakes. Choose the groove you excell at. Learn to RC on reaction/JD/Parry well. Learn srategies for your characters. Be a top tier whore, you’ll have time for mid tiers when you dominate local comp. Learn bnb’s. Watch vids of top players.

Its one part patience the ther part execution…you have to mix up trutle power with the rush down of shredder…just balance your game ou and in time it gets stronger…i still learn these things everyday…


Rushdown seems to be how spectators describe matches, not the players themselves. The best rushdown matches usually are when one person outplays the other, which looks good on film, but you don’t want to learn the game assuming everyone is just going to let you have your way.

To go into the specifics would risk/reward, ability to adapt to the opponent, spacing, etc… but that’s really too general to go into in one thread with no specific situation to reference.

From a strategic point of view:

Rushdown is retarded. What you see is a mindless automaton attacking with random moves. Be aggressive but don’t rushdown.

If you want to be consistent, learn from daigo. If you want to be random, learn from ino. :lol:

Perfect response.

: ]

Rushdown isn’t only about offense, it’s knowing defense well enough to SEE your risk/reward, your opportunities for fakes, TINY TINY set-ups that only come from knowing all possible options on both sides. If you know the way you’d react to a scenario, you can read how your opponent does all the simpler. This is good for reading players patterns so you can rushdown safer.I only really learned this recently and it’s made me into a completely different player. Fuck rushing down constantly, learn to play SMART through a combination of both styles.

A certain cheap-ass marvel champion has been using that basic idea to win for years now.

Yeah pretty much… It’s not rushdown, it’t controlling the area around your opponent in the safest way possible.

Ummm…Normandy anyone? Rushdown American’s got pwned by E.Swaztika MG42 headbutt.

History + SF references = gay.

lol, yes, let’s simply ignore the fact that the only reason the americans entered is because japanese forced the hand.

and if you think the joke is gay, well shrug