Playing too much is bad for skill?



Earlier today I was on a roll and was quite proud of myself for only playing this game for 10 days now and getting to 2300 PP with Dudley; completing every combo and making good situational decisions while having good footsies.

I continued to play for a long time now and slowly I started playing worse, my eyes even feel glazed over and I feel pissed off. I don’t even care about the points but what I do care about is seemingly going into “robot mode” and playing like a piece of mechanical crap. Literally I sat here losing to scrubs, shitty players and etc and just now I got so irritated that I just quit. Has this happened to anyone else and is it normal?


It’s normal, sounds like you’re just getting tired and losing concentration, maybe not noticibly physically but mentaly, just take a break and do something else for a while.


Happens to me too, take occasional breaks. Do some stuff on SRK, read articles, watch Youtube vids, etc.


Happens to the best of us. That happens to me sometimes and I’ll just find myself mashing out focus or something. I completely lose my concentration and my drive to play the game well. Just need a little beak.