Playing Traditional games on all touchscreen interface

So yeah, I wanted to ask your opinions on something. I may be getting a new phone soon, one that is all touch screen. So I was wondering how well you guys think playing games on all touch works? I mean, I played Megaman 3 on the NES on the 3D Evo at work, and I was horrible at it due to the controls (note that I’ve nearly memorized that game). However, I see that there are a lot of extra options in the menus to tweak sensitivity, dead zone, delay, and more. Any suggestions? I know that the game will never play as well as with a d pad, but I’m just wondering if it’s worth trying out.

Shmups with autofire like Espgaluda II and Deathsmiles for iPhone are pretty fun. Mega Man… not so much.

Unless they can find a way to give touch screen games pixel perfect control, MegaMan will never work on it.

Eh it’s not that great. I’m pretty sure some third party applications support bluetooth and will enable you to use your wiimote or DS3 on them.

I have a NES emulator on my android phone, Super Mario Bros is HARD to play on a touch screen. Especially even though my screen supports multi-touch my version of the android OS does not support multi touch.

Fricking Motorola will not release an Update for the Cliq XT, and release it with out that Moto blur bull shit.

There is no way to make playing traditional games enjoyable on a touchscreen, especially not one as small as a phone. Without tactile feedback on the buttons, you basically have to teach your thumbs to memorize the precise spacing, because you’re not going to spend much time looking at the button overlay when in the heat of battle. It’s a cool concept, but actual execution is very poor.

My suggestion is to go with an external gamepad, or buy the Xperia Play. In Android, both the Wii remote and the DS3 controller will work (though the DS3 requires root), and most emulators these days also support the Xperia’s built-in gamepad.

Large DIY multi-touches are a hobby of mine, I have a 8x8 foot projection touch on the wall of my house and many smaller units (small for me 24 inches).

There is a lot of unique gaming experiences you can pull off on touch/motion mods. I think your just talking about your portable though.

I do Wii-punch out & CapVsTatsu, emulated on my touch system for a work out, it uses Kinect and two punching bags that I modded with guitar hero drums.

I can tap out all the commands directly on the display if I chose, it can detect 8 gestures at a time on the screen or in the air.

Interested in real touch gaming check out