Playing two characters with different styles

Hi everyone,

My main character is Ken and my second favorite is Sagat, i’m used to play a pretty offensive game with Ken and more zoning oriented with Sagat, though I like to zone with Ken too. I’m wondering if I keep playing Sagat as a backup will affect my playstyle with Ken, I know it sounds weird but I find it hard to switch from a so called rushdown character to a more turtling and zoning type of character. I’m asking this because i’m obviously a noob but do you guys find it hard to play two character with completly different playstyles?

It depends on the player as well as their mood, really. If one is receptive at all to playing a character that’s the opposite of the one you normally play, sometimes it can be liberating to explore that difference, sometimes not. Ken and Sagat might have just enough in common, whereas Ken and Adon might not.

It can come down to that difference of the finer factors. Ken and Adon are both based on offense, mixups, and pokes, but you may not like how Adon has really short hitconfirms and spacing fundamentals. Someone else may like the zoning game of fireball chars, but not like how stiff Sagat’s links are. So basically, yes, you can learn stuff from stretching out with diametric opposites, but at the same time there may be chars that have something you can’t tolerate enough to consider even trying to explore for very long.

Overall, the answer is also yes inasmuch as playing one character will affect your style with another char. That’s just really part of the metagame, where playing more and seeing more situations helps in the big picture. It may help you see something you wouldn’t have tried otherwise, or it might let you figure out how where a char’s strengths and weaknesses lay by way of comparison.

Yes and no. It may cause you to play differently, but in the end that may be a good thing. It helps give you a glimpse into what the opponent may be thinking. Now, when you’re trying to go on full-offense you might have a better understanding of what your opponent is thinking when trying to block and keep you out. This also works vise-versa when you are zoning and trying to prevent being rushed. It might take a bit of getting used to if you never played a character besides Ken or used a different tactic then full-out offense. However, in the end it should help both aspects of your game.

I use Guile and Adon, two completely different styles, but using both of them allows me to think about more strategies in matches. Personally as was already said, it depends on your mood.