Playing two characters?


Hey guys,

I’m not a newbie (but not that great) and was wondering if it’s alright to play two characters. I understand why focusing on one is usually the best way to go (strong muscle memory linked to a character), but I was wondering if anyone plays two equally and has good results. I don’t mean playing two very similar characters like Ryu and Ken, but two different ones (I’d like to play Vega and Decapre). Thanks for any input!


I’m not that great either, but I have 3 character’s that I’m working on now, and I don’t feel like that’s holding me back. It’s all personal preference in my opinion, just do what feels good.


here is the trade off, if you stick to one character you get better quicker but then you are at the mercy of being counter picked. If you play multiple characters then you will progress more slowly but in the long run you will be a better player because you will have more options. So the question to ask yourself is do you have to be good now, or can you put off having to win a lot now and then be better over time


Bit of a casual player myself, I like using every character. If your losing all the time 24/7 then yeah, stick with one character.


I feel like if you’re newish and still learning the game then it’s best to stick to one character so you can get down their best normals for what situation and get their links into your muscle memory and learning the system mechanics in general. Once you have all of that down and feel comfortable with that character then it’s fine to switch around, it actually helps since you’ll become more balanced and you can get an insight on what someone else wants to do with that character since you used them too.


Though you’ll see faster improvement when sticking to only one character when you are a “beginner”, once you get better it is almost needed to atleast have another pocket character, if only to open yourself up to new ways of playing steet fighter. Playing multiple characters at the beginning can hinder you gaining fundamentals faster in certain aspects of the game. However as you’ll have a bigger arsenal to fall back upon you might do better with one character in a certain matchup where the other struggles. Overall it is about fun though, if you like playing multiple characters at the same time then go for it.

I for the longest time only used COdy and nowadays i actively switch between Cody, Yun and Guy, based on matchup and my mood. Only playing just one character can get stale after a while.


I always found it better and more fun to play multiple characters. It works for me both in casual setting (it’s more fun for both players if you switch it up a little from time to time) and online (if I lose a couple of matches with one character I switch to kinda refresh my mind and make it clear). Although it takes a lot of dedication to get anywhere.

Unless you’re a super-serious tournament player, I say play at least two, cause it’s more fun and makes you more versatile. Just pick a couple of characters that allow you to test different scenarios (fireballs, charges, command throws etc.) by yourself. It took me all these years since vanilla SFIV was out to test every option and try different approaches to find my “real” main (Vega, though I’m hoping Decapre will steal the spotlight).