Playing Vega = Decapre Fondness?



Are any other Vega players genuinely excited for her? I don’t know what it is but something about her really makes me wanna play her.
Maybe it’s the mask & claw.


I’m not interested in playing her because of any likeness towards Vega. I’ll probably only briefly play her on the novelty that I had to wait this long to see she was confirmed

Will probably drop after a week.


Just like everybody did with Juri.


I love your avatar dude.

“But can I use my claaooaw?”


I leap, I leap, I jump, I punch - tank!


The way he says “claw”… epic


All my foes will fall beneath its mighty sharpness!


You’re not the only one. I too am intrigued to use this character, mostly because she’s a charge character and my years of playing one should come in handy. I’m so used to back charging it has become second nature.

I don’t see nor understand why people compare her to Vega because of her, “claw like” moves that from the inception, appears to be purely cosmetic.

If I do pick her up, I’m almost certain that my play style with her will not be similar to Vega. She seems very rush down oriented.


Would everyone be mad if she had hit boxes that extended to the tip of her “claws” ?? That would suck, because Cammy already had good hit box priority on her normal attacks. If Decrape had even more, man, yeah, that would be a smack in the face to us since we’ve asked for hit box extensions for the last 4 iterations :frowning:


Well, she literally has Vega’s jump HP, and from the looks of it, his close HP as well.


If i could describe her moveset I’d say this based on what we’ve seen.
You take Cammy, Vega, Bison, Dhalsim and Raven from SFxT; throw them in a blender and voila.


Interesting, I never considered bothering with her since she looked too complicated for me to deal with during the two weeks I’ll be playing this. However, if the combos are easy enough, I could definitely see getting some salty wins from her along with Hugo, Vega and Rolento.


definitly play her. i already love cammy as a character, this is just awesome for me. plus i like to run a theme with my character selections, super heros in masks…in black…

green hornet fei, cat girl cammy, batman vega and soon decapre. hope she has better alts. i want one with either a full mask or a half mask on the bottom, like optimus prime style, so i can see that scar as well :smiley:

(el furete don’t count cause he’s not super hero material :frowning: )


El Fuerte doesn’t ever count because he’s so freakin annoying!! WORST CHARACTER DESIGN EVER!!


You can say that again.


I’ll admit that I’m excited for her.

I’ll at least try and main her for a while. As thrilled as I am with some of the Vega changes, character fatigue has started to set in.


I’ve been reserving truly picking a second since I picked up SSFIV, waiting until Ultra to decide… Cammy and Fei Long are the two I enjoy using the most. Very intrigued by Decapre. Somewhat intrigued by the other 4 as well, would love to see some frame data! Eventually I’d like to get good with at least one of the “grab” characters and I think Hugo seems a bit more interesting than Gief or Hawk.