Playing with AI can get you good?

the ai in the king of fighters games were a pain in the ass. or maybe the bosses were just extremely over powering.

AI in the SF2 games, not including the ultra cheap SSF2: Turbo, were alright. In the newer Capcom fighters, just like someone said, their just moving combo dummys, especially the Level 8 MvC2 CPU. Oh, and back then, you were rewarded with a special ending if you beat it without a round lost. I guess that explains why the newer Capcom fighters don’t have special endings if you don’t lose a round.

I am new to this forum, The first tournment I ever heard of is the one on 7/29. I missed it because I had to work on that day. I sure will go if I have time.
PS: I am planning to go to EVO 2k next year.

Mortal Kombat trilogy has the cheapest AI CPU ever ! i dont think i ever beat that game in the highest difficulty! maybe just once with noob try that

PS:and i am good in MK games the 2d ones that is…

I can’t find anyone to play with, plus my parents are 120% against me on video games, this is why I could not get an Xbox + XBL.

LOL, sucks. Well really there’s no point in playing fighting games and hoping to get competitive if your parents are 120% against gaming. Which doesn’t make sense to me anyone, there’s so much you can learn from gaming… ah well.

That is so true (agreed at 100%)

This is why players who have no one to play against/learn/improve in the fighting game that they enjoy: they will massacred as soon they enter a high level tournament.
(this is why living in a island sucks for that matter)

Agreed 100% in turn. Living on an island, you’re limited to what’s available locally and Kaillera/XBL.

The only thing you learn playing with the AI is how fighting games suck compared to other videogame genres when it comes to single player gaming.

It seems that the primary concern of fighting game AI programmers is to make the player lose no matter what. Look at KOF XI. Even if you master the game inside out, you still have a remote chance of beating the last boss. Reasonable people would rather invest their time on something else.

If you play on the hardest difficulty and take your lumps on the way and except your postitives and negatives and improve from there,then yes you most likely will get better even though it will be a boring drawn out process.Playing against the A.I. just does not compare to playing against the real thing which is why I am not involved in more fighting games.

Basically I only play fighting games against 2 people.My 10 year old brother,and my 13 year old cousin.My dad plays videogames,but he mainly plays FPS games like Halo,but occasionally he will play a fighting game if he see’s that we are having alot of fun.I am only decent and none of them can beat me.I have to let them win on occasion just so they won’t get bored and walk away.I live a good distance away from the nearest arcade so I am stuck in a predicament where I am dieing a slow death from the boredom of facing mainly the A.I. on a day-to-day basis and I can beat the human opponents I face with little difficulty at all so playing them gets boring to.I do have Xbox Live so that is a sigh of relief.I am probably going to end up buying 2 arcade controllers just to put everybody at head level again because nobody really goes to the arcade in my house so everybody will adjust differently in learing the Arcade controller.

I can beat the hardest lvl AI. I would get slaughtered at a high-level tourney.

All it teaches you is how to beat the AI. It’s good for reactions and combos, but also teaches you bad habits and moronic patterns.

Real people don’t throw a FB on reaction when you press c.jab.

On the opposite side of the coin, I’ve been beaten in arcades by people who, after I lost, got turned out like a prison bitch by the cpu…

ho ho ho… well thanks, but still I think other people can do it to. Just need to think about the game in the right way I guess…

someday they will have programmable AI and we will be able to improve our game vs the computer. Till then we are living in the stone age.

playing against AI is tough

he’d break my ankles with his crossover for sure

From an artificial Intelligence point of vue, coding a rather good AI (I mean, good like “playing like a competitive player”) is mostly doable but poses a few problems :

  1. Will the hardware be good enough to allow a little reasoning given the reaction times needed and the rather poor hardware in terms of sheer cpu raw power that the consoles are…

  2. How on earth are the programmers supposed to know what to implement if some high-level beasts do not tell them how to play whatever character beforehand? That’s a real problem! Hell, the games are barely beta-tested nowadays and you’re asking for a decent AI? That’s pretty unreasonable (not to mention that’d be financially disastrous)

  3. So to solve all the problems, you want an AI which can learn, at least a little? That’s rather easy to do given the existing algorithms… but don’t expect a ps2 to be able to run it with decent performance! And don’t give me any shit about next-gen whatever… we’re not talking nice 3D stupidity here, we’re talking RAM quantity & performance (which is totally lacking in about any console), sheer CPU power & performance and even possibly non-transient data storage performance. Meaning about anything except a good old professionnal computer fails :stuck_out_tongue:

As usual I’m saying this I’m saying nothing but hell it had to be said.

You can make the AI learn the players habits and adapt to them. Like in VF the game counts how many times you did a mid and how many times you did a low and calculates %. The data is saved in the memory card and the AI can be changed to act according to what you did in the last few matches.
Having internet connection can be cool too cuz you can like download a replay of high level matches (not as a movie file, but as inputs) and the game can take the data of what moves used how many times in a match and make the AI do the same shit.

Yes all AI needs to be like VF…tataki wins the thread.

The AI in VF is like how the players used to play when the ps2 version was made (tho it still had many many problems).
My post was about what they should add to it (updating the AI etc.)

VF4:EVO AI can get you to be at least a decent, mid-tier level player at the least, IMO.

The day I see the computer in MvC2 DHC, is the day I will be happy with Marvel.