Playing with DLC characters, any issues with availability?

Hey all,

I’m a Shuma player, and some other guys from the area use Jill or Shuma as well. I’ve been to enough tourneys and sessions to know that most places don’t have the DLC characters setup on anything except the stream stations… if that.

So I was curious as to how well equipped the evo stations are. Am I likely to find setups with DLC installed? or will I once again be that guy bugging the bracket runner to swap me to a station that does have it available? Is there any way players can indicate they use DLC characters so they can be assured a station with their characters on it? (If not, this may be something worth looking into as an option during registration.)

I know DLC characters aren’t exactly the most popular, and this isn’t an issue for a fair bit of the playerbase, but its a serious pain, and slows down the bracket when player matches need to be delayed cus 2 characters are missing.

any insight is appreciated…

Every other station has the DLC. So your pool has one available for sure.

awesome sauce… thanks…