Playing with one finger?

I’ve been playing Street Fighter since SF2 in the arcade, albeit fairly casually. However, I’m really wanting to dedicate myself to getting good. My problem is that I’m missing three fingers on my right hand (pinky, ring, and middle) leaving me with just my pointer and thumb, but I know the thumb is rarely used…how much of a problem is this going to be? Is there any character I should absolutely avoid? I’ve been using Honda on SF4 and SSF4 but I don’t want to get too deep into any one character if it’s not going to be possible to pull off more complex combos. strategies, skills. etc.

and yes if you want pics I have them :rock:

I can’t imagine how you’d piano honda’s HHS…

if you have a fight stick, you can get by just fine with your index and thumb :slight_smile:

are you on pad or fight stick?

EDIT: for honda’s HHS, he could easily use the slide method with his index on a fight stick. you only need one finger for the slide method :smiley:

yeah the piano method isn’t working at all. However, I’m having a bit of luck with the slide method but I still need a ton of practice. I’m currently using the Hori EX2, the one from SC4, but I’m looking to upgrade in the next few weeks.

I’d recommend a character who doesn’t need piano/slide movements for sure. Everything else is definitely playable, however unfortunately only having your index and thumb DOES put you at a large disadvantage, I’m sure you could get to a point where you can compete in your local scene though.

Hey! I bet you could play pretty well with two fingers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: better than normal people maybe…

I don’t want to suggest what’s already suggested… but if I were you, I’d try to play cross handed, but that depends on how well two fingers can hold the joystick. Also… how ambidextrous you are.

I’m actually slightly ambidextrous but finding left handed joysticks isn’t easy and going crosshand would mess with my mind after playing normally for 15 years or so. I don’t feel that Honda “needs” to piano, and I’m doing the slide fairly well but I think I just need to develop my own style. I had similar concerns when I started playing bass a long time ago.

you could always build a custom stick to accommodate that, and make it left handed.

wow were you playing for 15 years with 2 fingers? that’s fucking awesome.
i’m pretty sure you can play whoever you want if you can handle HHS inputs

how do you hit 3p/3k with only two fingers? or are you using the crappy LB and RB buttons way out of the way on the EX2? an 8 button stick will probably make your life so much easier

I would try to find a lefthanded stick. It might be a bit of a learning curve, but it would be the best for sure.

I have seen a lot of people play 1 finger in tournaments and win too. I think its to prevent mashing? I would continue to try single fingered.

Could you grip the stick with just the 2 fingers? Maybe a reverse layout would do you justice. Like said above, left handed.

You’ll be fine, imo. Just practice. You’ll have to come up with your own execution techniques, but that’s not a big deal.

Well when you upgrade, make sure to get a stick that has Sanwa buttons. Or swap them in yourself later. Sanwas are very very sensitive and you’ll be able to do the slide method with no problem.

btw dont use your fingertip for the slide, use the meaty area that’s in the middle of your finger haha. much easier

Yeah… that would mess with my mind LOL 15 years… second nature already probably. I wouldn’t touch that, it’s not about what you have, but how you use it right? ;D? It’s like that girl with 2 fingers that played the piano. Oh… bass… ;( I do use my middle and index a lot… and even sometimes my ring. Depends on what you play I guess… 2 fingers is enough to hold a pick though, thumb and index ;).

I wish you good luck :smiley: I recently started… and probably not even half as good as you.

Shit, I only use 2 fingers anyway. Honda seems like the WORST pick in your situation, but if you can figure out a method to jab>HHS then you’ll be fine.

Don’t let that stop you dude OHT fights the best of em and still wins. You say you play casually and if that’s the case remember the old proverb “Weak desires yield weak results.”

I hope you beat fools down. >=)

Hey man, my friend is the same but missing his index, pinky and ring finger and he can kick most peoples ass at my local arcade, definetly not impossible - he serves me as well.

Yes, OneHandedTerror doesn’t have left hand, and he good.

You could try playing overhanded, where you put your right hand on the stick and you get 4 fingers on your left hand to hit the buttons. Or else turn your stick upside down and rewire the stick.

You could try S-Kill style and play cloth-handed.