Playing without super to get those two bars!

Well, why not :rofl:

Ironically, I played AQH who is a great 3s player from Holland who came to London recently, and he managed to work his way through quite a lot of my tricks including the kara demon setup - all because he read my tips on the forums :wtf: Which is kinda what I wanted in the first place - forced me to play in ways that he might not have read on the forums :lol: Anyways, its not good to keep tips to yourself so here they are :tup:

I’ll describe situations where a super would really help, and a follow up of what I would do if I wanted to keep the super, or just didn’t have one.

Anti-air SA1. This is one of the best anti-airs in the game. You should know why :arazz: Things you can try instead that work ok, but obviously not as well:
If they’re going to land right next to you, go for a forward option parry straight into a FIERCE dragon. Next time the same situation happens, go for a jab or Fierce and CONFIRM it into a mk or lk hurricane if they parry. You get the idea so post more mixups if you can think of some.
If they’re landing ‘on top’ of you i.e. they might cross you but you can decide to walk back or forward a bit to determine that. Actually you wouldn’t go for SA1 in this situation anyways :xeye: Either do the walkback and then the tricks mentioned above, or walk under and attack if they don’t have a crossup attack that can get you at that position or get ready to block.
If they’re landing out of throw range, but perfect for a classic jumping HK, sweep combo, try anti-airing with a far version of mp, which you can cancel into other things. DONT do HK since thats just one parry and can easily be punished. Don’t try HP unless you’re sure you’ll get the close version.

This is a follow on from simple pressure tactics, but a very sure and safe way of hit confirming a super with no damage reduction.

If you want to keep the super, change this chain to cr.short and cr.jab as it will keep you closer to the opponent. At this distance, far version of mp should hit your opponent. Only very small characters wont get hit. Anyways, mess around with cancelling the mp into demon flips (perfect range for the grab as well) or hurricanes etc
Once you’ve conditioned them with all this, start putting in kara throws.
Sometimes a walk back Fierce at max range can catch them out too.
If you can do the short jab very close to the opponent, you can actually cancel into mk hurricane on certain characters. A very nice thing to be able to do :bgrin: confirmed SA1
Use something like Akuma’s target combo instead which you can confirm if you’re quick enough.
If you’re REALLY quick, close HP into hurricane :devil:

Air super
Hmm, this one is hard. This almost works as an ‘air brake’ for akuma when you feel like ‘FUCK DO NOT LAND INTO THAT’ in situations like when you might get done by Remy’s SA1 or SA2, Akuma’s SA1, or just someone who is very good at anti-airing you.

There is no substitute here unfortunately. You can try a normal air fireball which changes your descent angle, but you’re still gonna land :sad:

short,jab,short super

try short,jab,short demon flip grab :rofl:
short,jab,short standing fierce super HK hurricane

red fireball sa1 chip damage
Depends how much energy they have. If the red fireball on its own will do enough chip, throw it out and let them start to parry. Hopefully your follow up mixup will kill them.
If the red fireball doesn’t do enough, try a straight jump air fireball from sweep distance, then dash in fierce srk. for building meter.

Remember the demon setups when you finally get the two bars :wink:

Ahhhh, I wondered what all that was about.

this is how i kinda play at the moment…i dont usually take advantage of regular sa’s…i just get MAD horny for the demons and use em like crazy. but when it comes down to it, i believe its better to use your sa’s effectively and a demon once in a while in order to keep your akuma solid. but, me on the other hand…get mad horny for the demon’s and KKZ. hopefully i learn how to confirm sa’s soon, otherwise it will be hard to stop the habbit of getting horny for raging demons. btw, nice post naz.

Meh, I think supers are better. But great post Naz you pretty much covered everything.

does anyone else feel dirty reading this post? :sweat:

anyways, awesome post! pressuring with sa1 is a part of my game thats needed serious improvement. been using bnb setup almost exclusively way too long.

also when you say akumas target combo, you can’t mean mp > fp. that cant be canceled into sa1 can it??

no it cant be cancelled. I said use it as an alternative to confirming into super. You can confirm the HP off the mp if you’re quick enough.

Your still best off using your super fb whenever you can.
Always playing for a demon is fun but if you always constantly play like that everyones gonna realise this and you will find people will get round it.

I just say the best way to play akuma is rush the fuck down use your supers when you can or when nessercery and if you have 2 bars and they are playing a strong ground game - (if you use your super fb well for anti air the fear alone of that aor a anti air demon for that matter will keep them on the ground) then go for a demon.

Fuck I’ve hit so many people with that demon in the past it gets a little boring after abit :rofl:

i don’t agree. the best way is not necessarily to rush down, in some match-ups you’'ll find that you need to play keep-away.

Well thats your opinion and thats fine but I have always played rush down and truly belive thats the only way to play akuma at high standard.
You can get away with turtling but not for long its all about pressure and rushing down mate - if you wanna win with akuma long term really you should learn to rush and pressurise your opponent you just have so many options and if you can pin them down you will be like a wall to them.

I guess it depends how confident you are really do not get me wrong if turtling gets you wins personally then thats great - lol sometimes its funny to do it to wind the opponent up, but if your playing opponents of a high level rush down is certainly the way to go trust me I know.
Especially considering the lack of stamina and stun you have as well get in there lol once you knocked em down they are your bitch lol.

well when i say keep away i dont really mean turtle…but now that i think of it, it is kinda turtling…which is something akuma shouldn’t do. so yeah, in a sense you’re rite yo.
that was a good post. made me re-think shit over. haha

imo cr.mkxrh.tatsu is no substitute for cr.mkxxsuper, since its not hit-confirmable…but on characters you can do short,short,srk, yhea save that bar :looney:

I use sa1 so much nowadays that I’m actually beginning to have trouble even executing demons :xeye: I think its because of that cursed walking kara demon - because I can’t master that, its almost like any other demon setup is just rubbish.

Like when you learn tachi gigas - you never use any other setup :rofl:

[quote=“HarmoNaz, post:13, topic:17706”]

I use sa1 so much nowadays that I’m actually beginning to have trouble even executing demons :xeye: QUOTE]

thats crazy yo. have u been doing cr lk lp lk xx sa1 or close mk into sa1 more??

My usual SA1 setups are the ones you mentioned (I use standing mk confirm more than short jab short), but more frequently used in reset juggles. Of course once people stop parrying the SA1 I wont be doing it on them anymore :wink: xx SA1 I dont use enough.

The air version I use as an air brake or punishment when I dont think I can get in with a decent jump in combo.

But MOSTLY I use it for chip damage and anti airs.

^^ thats cool.

i was lookin at some videos of Dot, i think . . . and he uses his sa1 with a cr fp. meaning, when an opponent jumps in, he hits them with cr fp and cancels into sa1. everytime i’ve seen him do this, they get hit with the super.
just thought i’d mention it.