Playing xbox360 and ps3 through computer


Hey guys i wanna play umvc3 and persona 4 on my computer do i have to use a capture card even though im not gonna be streaming or recording? are there cheaper alternatives:D? thanks


I don’t understand the point of doing this if you’re not recording/streaming.

Even if you do route the video through a capture card, you’re still going to have to control the games via a stick/pad that’s connected to the console.


What? Why would you need a capture card to play a game? Capture card is only there for streaming and recording purposes.

You play on your computer, by plugging your stick into the computer. Sound easy? You might need to download a driver if you’re using a ps3 stick, otherwise, it’s plug-n-play.


right now i am running a dual monitor setup with hdmi splitter to my 2nd screen and my brothers 2nd screen. Our screens input selector is not working correctly so it takes a while for the screen to switch. So instead of buy a new kvm switch i thought maybe a capture card for the sole purpose of playing was better? what do you guys think? Its ok if i connect my fight stick through the xbox


i wanna play my xbox and ps3 through my computer not play my computer


Yes, pretty much you have to use a tuner or capture card. The benefits are that you can capture your console matches and put them online, or anything else like game speed runs or whatever.


Not sure I’m entirely understanding your situation 100%, but… a decent capture solution (HD) is gonna run you way more than a replacement switch. Also, it’s gonna lag way more (not too important for Persona 4, very for UMVC3). And you’ll have to use component cables because PS3 HDCP suckage. Plus it’ll require your computer be on any time you want to play, and it’ll be eating up cycles completely unnecessarily.

Meanwhile, an HDMI switch will be cheap, faster, and less laggy. If you’re going to two screens you can even use a matrix switch so that you can route your sources any which way you want; play one console on screen A while another’s on screen B, then switch back to computer input, etc. (NOTE: I haven’t tested that one myself. It’s just a lot cheaper than the one I got a while back. Seems like it’d do the trick for you.) Hope that helps!


thanks for the info underwing!