Playland MvC2 Results - nooo... we let BH win


Playland MvC2 Results

  1. Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub” : Cable/BH/Cyke
  2. Chase Dog “Malignantmouse” : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke
  3. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” : Doom/IM/Sentinel, strider/doom/sentinel
  4. Vin Nguy “Alphastorm” : Spidey/Jugs/CC,Iceman/Cable/(sent/bh)
  5. Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best” : Cable/Psylocke/Iceman
  6. Sean Hengchua “gbursine” : Spiral/Sent/Cammy
  7. Gar Hong : Sentinel/Cable/Iceman
  8. Axel Velasquez : IM/Wolvie/Cyke


Not to be an ass, but Gar should be 8th. Atleast Axel played.


BH Won! i hope this doesnt happen again. :lol:


You have some good strats against BH? Don’t hold back from us now. :lol:


There isn’t an 8th sorry.


blackheart’s generally a weak character. i think we’re just bad.


BH is still right under the top tier, the title was more humorous than anything. One of the big reasons that BH went out of style IMO, is because of the sent/AA, storm/sent, that seriously counters BH. Noone really played those matchups. In most of the matches (at least mine) I played correctly with doom or just started sent for the straight up counter, it was basically just a question of whether cable died or not. The single biggest factor IMO was not playing vs cable well enough, either through missing DHC oppourtunities or trying a little too hard to stay in range, which means calling an assist that’s not properly protected, which leads to all kinds of bad things. All the matches seemed close, well as close as crazy MvC2 gets i guess.


yeah, we need alot of practice.