Playstation 2 Controller Middle Version A - Help Me Repair

Have a Sony Dualshock 2 Playstation 2 controller.

It doesn’t want to power on, meaning that not even the Analog LED turns on when plugged in.

It is a middle version Model A.

Here is a sample picture of what I’m dealing with.

I already reflowed all the solderjoints.

Nothing has happened.

Already tried aligning the circuit sheet and taping it down with electrical tape.

Didn’t try cleaning the board and circuit sheet, though - (The 18 black marks that the circuit sheet lies on top of)

Should I splice a little bit down the cord to check?

Or what could be causing this malfunction?

Don’t tell me to junk it. Every controller deserves a second chance.

Do you have a multimeter? Check for continuity and shorts in the cable.

These wires are very brittle.

They are hard to solder together.

Stripping is no problem as I use a box-cutter to shave off the insulation.

Is there any way I can just get replacement cords from fully-functional controllers and solder the new cord onto the board?

I would need replacement cords with the white connector, not cut in any way.

Yeah Never do that, you risk breaking the wire in places you don’t want the wire to break.
I am the firm believer of getting the proper tool for the job. a Cheap wirestripper can be found for $10, and good oen can be found starting at $35.

Yes. Make sure you get a multimeter and test out which pins lead to what color of wire than write that info down.

What are you talking about?

I need ps2 controller cords from fully-functional controllers that are completely desoldered from the circuit board. Don’t cut the wires.

I will buy them.

If the controller is fully functional, then why swap out cords, use the controller proven to work.
No one sells spare cords from perfectly good controllers. The closes thing you are looking for would be a extension cable, desolder or cut off the female end of the cord, and splice the cord into your controller.