Playstation 2 is better

ps2 is much better than 3soe.


My question is who exactly is Derek Neal any way? Like what did he do in the tournament scene for the game or is he just a big fan who knows enough about programming code to get on the lead development team?

Ibuki does more damage in OE so OE is better for me.

hes some random blazblue player that works for capcom i guess.

yes i know he qualified for sbo, but qualifying in blazblue is not impressive to me.

damage in 3soe seems way more than arcade to me.

3rd strike on the OG xbox was way better and played better online too.

he looks like a blazblue player

I agree.

Many of us purchased a xbox360 soely for this game and I can’t help but feel cheated.

Capcom suggested arcade perfect ( or close to) and I genuinely believe ps2 version is better. First and foremost, the graphical and audio changes should be able to be changed to the original. If the game looks different graphically and with different audio how is that arcade? this is very barebones, should not be an issue. Besides just aesthetics, the meter sizing not only visually is different but affects gameplay! I’m willing to bet that the damage output is different as well and not just an illusion because of the new lifebars. Both of these meters are very important in gameplay as they influence both players options and decision making.

I’m very dissapointed, arcade aesthetics should have been a no brainer. but beyond that there’s already many annoyances with this version off and online I’ve already experienced. I do not recommend purchasing this if you have not already unless capcom patches things up.

I definitely agree with that. It’s similar to how the ST guys complained about the vertical scrolling/shaking issue when in widescreen. Their health bars and super meters were changed up in look also (though not as drastically as this game).

I figured there would be AN OPTION to set the health bars and meters back to standard. If HD Remix let you even change the sprites back to the way they originally were then both HD Remix and 3S should have allowed for old bars.

I personally wouldn’t sway anyone from purchasing the game unless they already have multiple copies of the game or have already been playing it for years. Nobody new to the game is going to listen to old man harping about stuff they’re not going to be picky enough to care about. This is still easily IMO the most accessible version of the game to the new market of gamers and it will get a lot of new players interested in the game in general. Even with the game’s issues they’re nothing that will stop somebody from taking the game seriously and bringing out some new blood.

As far as the online I definitely would rather play in a laggy connection in this game than a laggy connection from old AE.

Try hooking up your system to a CRT TV, does wonder.

Doesn’t matter. The port sucks hardcore.

I can use my HDTV with my PS2 and it’s going to run smooth. If I use my PS3’s version. it’s going to suck hardcore. A lot of shit happens that shouldn’t even happen. It’s annoying and the connection is terrible. I have a feeling that CAPCOM touched the netcode.

this isnt about CRT. the game is full of bugs. online matchmaking is really bad. glitches, like how my game just froze right now.

Boss has put some impressions of OE up:

No idea what it says mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me a bit to translate this, but just from his like first couple paragraphs he acknowledges the offline lag.

Is it just me, or is 3SO in fact based on the console versions and not any arcade version like they said? It all seems exactly the same; the sound effects, the music, the training mode, the system direction, even the general “feel” of the game is like the PS2 version. I really hope it’s not true, because that would be some major fucking bs. I paid to get arcade perfect 3s with netplay, not a port of the DC/PS2/XBox/whatever version with some minor tweaks, and so far it doesn’t seem like I got what I was promised. Feeling very irritated.

Oh well, teaches me not to trust Capcom, again, and again, and again…

How does him being a blazblue player have anything to do with the direction of 3SOE?

is this true?

does yang still have stun issues?

im still gonna buy an xbox but not for this game :slight_smile:

Yeah the features of the game are modeled from the Dreamcast version. I guess they figured it would be better to use a console port as the grounds to create the menus and the basic aspects of the game around. I’m assuming by “arcade perfect” what they meant is more so trying to force the arcade coding into the console port of the game as much as possible. We’ve kinda figured by now that by arcade perfect they surely didn’t mean blue aegis, same hud arcade perfect. Just the gameplay being supposedly arcade perfect.

Yeah PS2/Xbox versions she always gets skimped out of damage. When I played the arcade cabinet at my friends place I noticed the damage difference I was doing immediately and it feels similar here also. My brother noticed the damage up from the console releases when he was playing Yun/Mak also. Not sure about the stun issues.

never seen a horrible port like this one…PS2 version is cleary better. Acarde perfect? ok CAPCOM next time it gonna be : shut it and suck my dick.

Basically, he’s not too satisfied with this release but would recommend it for anyone who wants to play this at home. It’s a fine game for beginners to wanna try out, and apparently Vanao was going apeshit about this game pre-release. lol

and just when i got rid of my ps2 stick…

I have the exact same setup as Boss (lol) and I felt the same though I’m nowhere near his skill level and knowledge of course… let’s hope it’s just a ps2 to 360 adapter issue

I’m happy with it, for what it is at the moment. I’m hoping that they’ll at least fix the problems we’re all finding. If they don’t then it wouldn’t be the first time Capcom has released an unfinished game (the last 3 years?)

Someone bring it to either Derek or Seth’s attention or someone at Unity to talk to the people in charge of making the fixes. It’s the most we could hope for since GGPO 3s is “officially” gone.