Playstation 2 on a DVI moniter?

Is it possible to hook up a ps2 to a dvi monitor? (and get ok quality?)

I remember having a vga box a couple years ago and it was ok for what I needed at the time but I was wondering if there was any work around to connect a ps2 to DVI instead.

I don’t think that hooking up analog component cables and switching them to dvi is as simple as going from dvi->component, which I was able to easily find the cables for.

So is there some kind of converter box I need, and if so, what is it called, or what is a good one? Also I’d like to only get something if it’s available in a local store, I don’t really want to order anything online.

So what are the options that I have? Am I better off just sticking to the TV? :wink:

Oh ya and i spelled a word wrong in the topic, how do I change it? :frowning: