Playstation 2 VGA HELP

I wanted to know if anyone here is currently using their PS2 via VGA to their computer monitor. If so, could you please let me know what converter/box/what have you, you are using in order to do this. I would love to get my ps2 working on my lcd Someone, please HELP!
This is the only thing i found on ebay that looked decent. Anyone have any comments on this?

If you upconvert composite video (the yellow rca connector), it’s still going to look like trash. Upconvert a better video signal like component…

or rgb…

Act now because, the 1st one I linked to is the one to get. Bid now, ask questions later:wgrin:

I was reading this:
I got myself a HD Box Pro. it work very nice for me. Go read about it.

I just got my hdboxpro and its wonderful. I tested it out yesterday with 3s on the ps2 and there was no lag.

Only thing that sucks is that when I was playing 3s yesterday, there were black bars on the sides of the screen. Its the Ps2’s fault in it that it doesn’t fair well with widescreen displays.

What’s nice about the HDBoxPro is that it supports most if not all resolutions on the market being sold today.

I’m very pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone looking for a good vga box.

^ isn’t that good that it has the black bars?? Sounds like it’s trying to keep the correct aspect ratio. What kind of monitor/tv are you outputting to?

22 inch Envision. You’re right because it does the same thing when I hook it up to my tv.

Wow guys, thanks for the great advice. I was searching for the HD Box Pro and well, this is what I think you guys are referring to:

Is this it?

You have to set the resolution to “Full”, via your tv.

Thanks to everyone in this thread!!!

Today i was planning on buying my first ever LCD HDTV, but i’d heard low-resolution images from game systems like the PS2 did not show up so well, and several in this thread mentioned Component cables.

While i bought my new HDTV i searched at a local gamestop, and found a used PS2 component cable for $8(radioshack & wal-mart had them, but they were about $25-$30 new).

After trying out my PS2 on the Tv for the first time with normal composite, which was ok actually, and then with the component- i saw about a 12% quality increase. Well worth the $8!