Playstation 2 with 20 games

Playstation 2-
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Guitar Hero 2 - With Controller
Narutimate Hero 3
Narutimate Accel
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2, and Super Nova - 3 DDR Pads
Tekken 5 - With Hori Arcade stick
Tekken Tag Tournament
King of Fighters XI
Melty Blood Act Cadenza
Final Fantasy X
Kingdom Hearts
Saint Seiya
King of Fighters 2006
Capcom vs Snk 2
-More games just cant remember them all lol. I put them all in a box =/.

Talk to me on AIM if youre interested and live within 50 miles of Port Saint Lucie, North or South. I dont check these boards that much.

All of it is 120$.

This is $120 shipped for the PS2 and those games? If so, let me know. I’ll take it.

Well no, I was gonna drive it to anyone who lived within 50 miles of me, and since Im not familiar with shipping and dont have a paypal account Im kinda out of luck on selling it to someone who is out of state =/.

Oh well. Good luck with your sale.

Damn, that’s a nice deal. I wish I lived there =(

yeah i wish i lived there too… :’(

are they burned games or the originals?
seems kinda cheap considering mvc2 is a collectable… and it goes for about 70 on ebay easy

Is there really an american version of Melty blood? Have I been living under a rock?

What’s for T5 by itself?

…that went well.

PM sent.

I am pretty sure those are burns.

Thats an insane deal since most of the games can equal the 120 price tag easy


what state is your city in?

it’s in florida. if i had $120 id drive down to your place to pick this package up myself =/