Playstation 3 Blinking Red Light Problem

Hey, I have had my PS3 for a few years now, I play all the time. Last night while playing SF4 my PS3 shut off and started blinking red. What should I do?

Have you called Sony? Are you still within warranty?

You can always try reseating your harddrive (completely remove the harddrive and then put it back in).

I havn’t called Sony, I am going to do that today to see what the worst could be. But i don’t have warranty. I also keep seeing online there is a PS3 guide to fix it yourself, but I dont know if its legit or not?

I just removed the HDD and put it back in to see if it works but that didnt do ne thing, any other ideas??

Does it blink yellow before shutting off? If so, it’s a hardware error, I just had mine fixed.

If your PS3 is over a year old, then it’s out of warranty, so you’re probably gonna have to pay $150 like I did. They’ll also return your game if its stuck.

Yeah it blinks yellow right before it shuts off and blinks red. Did you call customer service, give them ur info and they send u a box?

U have yellow dead screen ps3, Its like xbox 360 rrod. I think its better u buy the slim ps3 and not repair it. I hear stories that once its repaired the phat ps3 had it will come back again within year or so.

Yeah, it ships pretty fast.

If that’s the case, then the manual fix would probably be better if it happens more than once:
Be aware that this does VOID WARRANTY and Sony won’t accept this.

Yo thanx a lot for the video, it has good reviews, think ima try it probably gonna take me awhile but fuck it already have a heat gun for it. Gonna get a Slim sooner or later

Yo hell yeah i tried it and it WORKED!!! but then i started updating it and it broke again. The thermal compound is hard to spread equally, should i try it again to make sure it spreads perfect???

Hey i just bought a new PS3 slim and I wanted to swap out my hard drive because i have all my memory saved on my 80G. So i took out the 120G and swapped the 80G, and it says it wont work without it upgraded to 3.01. Works fine with the 120G but wont work with my 80G. What should i do???

I believe that you are not allowed to simply swap the HDD from one PS3 to another, you have to either manually back things up to an external drive or use the network transfer thing to transfer your data to another PS3.

The reason for this is that the data in the HDD is somehow tied to the hardware so that people wont be able to make an image of the HDD and copy it to another HDD to share games/paid DLC downloaded from PSN. Especially since these aren’t really tied to a single account (if you download something on your account on a PS3, any other accounts on the PS3 can access them).

Thanks man, so if my old PS3 80g doesnt work because i have the yellow light of Death, how can i transfer my memory to an external drive, and if i buy the network transfer thing would that still work with the broken ps3 to the new ps3? How much is the network transfer thing?

Both options require your old PS3 to still be working (which is why i always have back ups of my stuff on an external somewhere) so your pretty much in the same boat I was in when my 40GB got YLODed and I had to buy a Slim 120.

Damn son of a itch, that really sux, alright man thanks a lot for the bad news hahaha just playing. I’ll just contact sony so see whats going on

This is something I’ve research a LOTTTTT in the past. My old PS3 got the YLOD as well. Here’s the key to fixing/reflowing it: USE FLUX before heating it up. Put liquid flux on the board, make sure it gets underneath the chips (between the chips and the board) and THEN put the heatgun to it. Not using liquid flux and not getting the heatgun to a high enough temperature are the number one reasons for why your YLOD would return.

But to be honest, even if you did fix it well with flux and everything, you should still try to just replace it with a more reliable PS3 slim so that you don’t have to worry about/deal with it anytime again in the near future. This happened to me and I fixed my old PS3, bought a slim, transferred all my data to the new slim using a crossover cable and the data transfer utility, then sold my old PS3 for $200 on craigslist. Since the PS3 slim is only $300, it’s really just costing you $100 to replace your unstable old PS3 with the newer, better built slim. Good luck with whatever you decide to do though! :tup:

He already got a slim 120.

In this case, I recommend that he do what you said with the flux, then copy his saved games one by one to an external drive, then restore them to the new PS3. Or transfer over ethernet cable (follow this link)

Thanks guys I am definately going to try the FLUX idea, where do i get that?

Oh sorry man I accidentally skipped over the post where you said you already got a slim. But anyway I’m not sure about any B&M places, but here’s a good one on amazon:

and also it will help to get it under the chip if you have a good dropper, such as this:

That’s the combination I used and I was able to get my old PS3 to stay up long enough to transfer all my data and test some games, plus to get a craigslist buyer to buy it. Best of luck to you.

cool man thanx again, I know i keep asking questions but do you have a video of it at all? Should i also apply new thermal compound over the CPU and GPU after i get the flux under it.