PlayStation 3 Core Controller by Nyko for Dual Modding?

Does anyone have experience with this controller? I would like to know if it’s common ground.

Thanks in advance.

Nyko haven’t gone out of business yet?

Far as I know no one have experience pad hacking this controller.
Nyko isn’t known for quality, there controllers are worst than what people claim Mad Catz and Pelican to be.

I don’t recommend using it for pad hacking, and less so for a dual-mod. Yes its more money but I suggest go with something proven to work like a Cthulhu.
If you are new to dual-modding I suggest a Chimp or even a all-in-one PCB like the paewang or the PS360

If you were a experienced modder I would say take one for the team and try it out, then let us know how it goes. I assume you are not that experienced.
It is better to spend a little extra cash to get the right parts and get the job done correctly than go cheap and having to replace all the el-cheapo parts.
Going too cheap means you spend more money down the road.