PlayStation 4 and PS3 arcade stick compatibility


Sony recently released an “Ultimate FAQ” regarding the PlayStation 4. Part of this FAQ includes details on what PS3 peripherals will work on the PS4.

Now while we know that the system won’t natively support PS3 peripherals, there’s an interesting bit that provides some hope.

In other words, if the devs allow a game to use a certain peripheral (probably by packaging drivers and whatnot with the game itself) than it’ll work with the PS4.


I can’t see Capcom agreeing to this due to their relationship with MadCatz. But we’ll see…


It’s Arc that I’m more concerned about, since they’re the ones with a (known) fighting game in development for the PS4 (GGXrd).


There is also, I presume, Tekken x SF.

Plus all the inevitable PS2 & PS3 ‘super HD’ re-releases available for download only.


Heh, I posted that link in the “XBox360 sticks on XBO” thread, since the PS4 came up, and then I saw that d3v posted this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, it’s interesting to see that it’s based on a software/driver implementation… Of course, the first developer to bring out a fighter that DOESN’T support them will be chastised by the FGC, I suppose? I mean, it would totally suck if you bought the Injustice:GAU Battle Edition for PS3 and couldn’t use that stick with I:GAU Ultimate on PS4, right?


People are out of their mind!

We WANT our sticks to work with next-gen! lol.


but that would make sense


That’s what I’m thinkin. Right now, I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a next gen version of Injustice, but if my fightsticks aren’t supported, it’s a definite dealbreaker. It’s probably for the best if devs and pubs don’t alienate the FGC just to make a few extra sales on fightsticks. Let’s be honest, even if the old ones are supported, a lot of people will still want to buy new ones.

Anyway, with such little info, I’m also pretty curious as to which fightsticks will be supported, if any. If one PS3 stick is supported, does that automatically mean that all of them are supported due to a shared standard? Or will the software be able to know if I’m using an officially liscenced stick and allow that while disallowing a stick using one of Toodles’ awesome boards?


The TE2 leads me to believe that if we are able to use old sticks on the new systems, they’ll focus on features currently lacking in this generation of sticks.

I feel as if we in the FGC have shown to be willing to deal with stick collecting. MarkMan knows.


I hope Injustice works. It’s a PA4 launch title. Though I’ve heard it’s controller friendly I think. Never played. Excited to try.


This means that pcbs like the PS360+, MC cthulhu, etc should be able to support the ps4 with just an update rite?

In any case, if the pcb for your arcade stick isn’t supported, the easiest way (imo) without spending money on another stick would be to dual mod your stick using an IMP, Kitty, or even a cerberus.


I really just want to scream “NO” here but that not be fair to you.

Look we all have to wait till the release before we can jump to any conclusions. We would also have to give the PCB makers time to make updates for their firmware on their PCBs to account for any changes.
It not like these changes would be obvious on the PCB makers part. They have to snoop electronically around and piece together info what makes a PS4 controller tick before they can add it to their code.


It looks to me like how they did things with GT5 this gen where the drivers and stuff that made certain wheels work was packaged with the game. So for certain PCBs to work, the developers would need the drivers and stuff to make them work - unless of course, they make make ti so that the game itself recognizes and responds to HID devices.


That is still alot of assumptions on our part, and hoping those developers gives enough of a care about there customers to take that extra effort to make sure all our stuff works with their game.
Remember how certain PS3 sticks did not work with KOF XIII.


I’m estimating they will have to write drivers for every stick they want to support, which will cut out a lot of shit like… oh say Eightarcs. That’s better than nothing, but I highly doubt it will just be like “as a software developer, if you want arcade sticks then flip this bit and it will be open and our general drivers will take over.”

It looks like this was news to devs though too, lol.


Yeah, Keits only heard of it thought the article.


So with the playstation 4 out in USA etc and getting reviews in the media, has anyone tried a ps3 fightstick to see if it works/registers???


I really hope developers will include Madcatz and Hori drivers but I think I’ve come to terms with buying a new stick.


But we already know fightsticks don’t work unless game devs add support for them.

I refuse to believe your company wants to lose money because nobody will need to buy a next-gen fightstick. If everyone buys one because they have to you guys net loadsamoney and it’s not YOUR fault because evil sony/microsoft took out the console support.


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