Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Announced


Obviously been rumored for a while, but yeah. What’s everyone’s impressions?

Info from GAF thread.

- Smash bros gameplay confirmed
- more news coming at E3 (duh)
- 60 FPS confirmed (nerds)
- multiplayer with options
- 3rd party characters are in
- 3 layers of super for each character
- Looks like life bars instead of numbers
- Hades stage (hades doing things during the fight)
- Buzz stage (get quizzed DURING the fight)
- LBP stage (starts off empty, stage builds as you play)
- Sandover Village stage
- Ratchet and Clank stage with Hydra from GoW
- Patapons doing things to Hades, combining characters for stages
- fat princess
- sly (can turn invisible cuz he stealthy)
- kratos
- Sweet Tooth
- Radec (his 3rd super is going into first person mode and fucking shit up)
- Parappa

Also note that Ed Ma is working on it. He used to be a combat designer at Sony Santa Monica (God of War series). You can see his face on the Superbot website.

Footage here:

Edit: Apparently MAJ is working on it too. High hopes.


Seems like this will be a way, way, way, way, way better version of Brawl. Just don’t tell Nintendo fanboys. They’re still in deni – trip

Sorry. Can’t finish my thought now.


This looks more similar to Smash than I imagined. Pretty hype for this.


Looks fun so far…


lol this looks like shit.


Haha good one.

Brawl is a very fun game, but a big part of the sell for me is playing characters from games I liked when I was younger.

Most of the PS3 characters / games, I have 0 experience with. So as long as they ship Solid Snake over (I did play MGS4) I should be alright.


I’d like to see how the competitive experience of Ed and MAJ help shape the game.


Wait, Radec as the Killzone 2 villain?

Autobuy. I didn’t even know Sony acknowledged he existed


Wait wait wait. I’d just like to offer a thought.

A game doesn’t have smash brothers gameplay if it doesn’t have the blowback and off-screen KO’s and shit. You bring health bars starting from 100% to 0 into a game and no blowback, it’s not smash brothers.

With that said, that’s a good thing. I’d rather have a new 4 player chaos and potentially-good-1v1-fighting game over a Brawl/Melee clone anyday.

Hey, will Spyro be in this game? Is he a playstation character? If so oohohhhhhhhhh mannnnnn

EDIT: My bad, I watched more of the trailer, it has blowback. But no offscreen KO’s. I just wonder how blowback is calculated then.

Maybe you can still get offscreen KO’d. Who knows.


They really gave Radec Snake’s final smash haha. Question is will this be the fighter for smash fans who were not satisfied with brawl?


Smash fans like Smash because of the Nintendo characters, not because of the game system

They won’t switch over to this


I’m thinking the cats will make it in with Cole.

Also, LBP and Jak better represent. Is Crash considered a PS character even though he went cross platform?


Hopefully they keep their SFxT moves.


I’m a Smash fan, and I’m getting this. That being said, I’m not a die-hard, but I do enjoy the series occassionally. I’m really looking forward to this, I think it might give Smash a run for its mon— trips

Shucks, it happened again.


Sony should put Megaman in this game just to mindfuck everyone.


I don’t see why Sony won’t put this on the Vita as well with cross-platform support…


Only buying if they get Crash Badicoot in.


No Jak = no buys

Some Smash fans try to get in on games that play similar to it. TMNT: Smash-up and Cartoon Network game being examples


looks fun. i wonder how it would play on an arcade stick tho


Good point.

During the interview it was said that there would be 3rd party characters, so both Crash & Spyro might be in if Activision allows Sony to use them again.