Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Announced


Yeah air is underrated but watch out there because many characters have anti-airs and worse: air dodge punishers.

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Anyone know where the floating cloud city in the Uncharted level is from? I think it’s pretty awesome that an blimp flies by with the text “Our Voice Will Be Heard”. I’d like to know what its from!


That’s Columbia, the city from Bioshock Infinite*.[URL=‘’]*


Ah thats what I thought. Thanks dude.


Maybe this is why FP is the least played character online Kappa


So what is the deal with the new 1.05 patch?

Ooh, they changes Raiden’s throw, prevented Drake’s AP Loop, and nerfed Kratos’ chain throw!

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Kratos has more recovery on his square attacks (u.S, SSS string) when blocked/whiffed (so it’s actually punishable on block rather than being a frame trap) and f.S homing has been toned down significantly

Raiden forward throw is a knockdown now and doesn’t confirm into super

Drake loop is DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD (you can’t cancel Cover Fire into Run & Gun Retreat anymore)

and general online improvements

so this is the patch that was discussed previously in this interview


Did they mention kratos string I thought it was just his stupid homing grab that completely stuffs several characters.

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it’s only kratos’ f+1 that got changed:

less tracking and more recovery on it.


So, I picked up the game recently. How’s it going? The forums are really slow. That gets me worried.

IMHO, i saw a lotta potencial for fun and easy access to fighting games in this. Should I be worried?

Btw, about char choice: I’ve been going the Dante route, mainly because he’s stylish and in your face, but I’m doing EC only 70% in training and obviously less in matches. Maybe I went a little over my head. What do you think? Change to Sweet Tooth or E.Cole, or try to persevere?


Dante’s tricky to play correctly honestly, and it’s hard to really recommend him in a game where being in the air is so strong. That being said, he has great meter gain, and empty cancels allow him to combo into any of his supers with ease…if you can land a ground hit. E.Cole and Sweet Tooth similarly need to be on the ground to kill, but their wake up game is frankly better than Dante’s. Hell, Sweet Tooth’s game is all about knocking them down, and mixing them up with mines and jump neutral square into level 1.


I wouldn’t be worried. There are tons of online tournaments, two leagues i am in are offering cash prizes. One is 150 dollar and the other 25 for first, 10 for second. It was just repped at scr for 2v2 gameplay.

Srk, gamefaqs, pasta stadium leauges, allstarsarena and reddit are places where talk and matches are being made. Come check us out :slight_smile:


Thanks, Dopples. What characters would you recommend? As a player, I’m divided between rushdown (i.e. Yun) and keepaway (i.e. Sagat).

Thanks, GoddessBracelet. I’ll be sure to check you out. :slight_smile:


Pretty much anyone, really. The game’s too young to really say if any character is too flawed to play. That being said, I wouldn’t suggest Sir Daniel unless you want to struggle with landing your supers. Dante is a fine choice, he just requires a lot of work in the end. So if you’re game for that, don’t feel discouraged.


Dante is definitely fun! If you pick him up come join us over on the Dante thread. It’s always good to get input from others and share things to level him up. Cool to see you here Dopples, tough luck @ SoCal Regionals. Like you said the game is still young, I can’t wait to see how it plays out.


Glad to be here. This place feels like it’s the only serious place around to talk about this game that’s, well, active. So hopefully my stay’ll be a good one. As for SCR, I can’t really say much about what happened, haha. Nariko is my bane. :frowning:


I’m down for work. Honestly not C.Viper level of work, but yeah, I’ll keep on it.

Just done it! Feeling it hard to approach with him, as I don’t feel my air tools ground them to start comboing.

Btw, are there videos of SCR’s tourney?


Dante has issues getting in against ranged characters. I posted some tips on your post in the Dante thread.

There should be footage on Day 2 and Day 3. Possibly casual footage on Day 1 though I’m not sure about that.

Day 3 Finals:

Now that’s a complete bummer :[


Yeah, the past week has not been good for the game. Superbot having to lay off employees, Sony cutting ties with them and this as well.
Well, there’s still the future to look forward too. Kat and Emmett are on the way and Santa Monica seem determined to work hard on the game. I mean, Seth is still working on the game and maybe Omar can find a way to still get some input into the game.