PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Bugs & Glitches


If you’ve discovered an error in the game and you can reproduce it, please post the steps to do so below.


I’ll start us off by saying I have no clue what the hell happened there.


This is not really a bug or a glitch, but it is almost definitely an error.

Fat Princess’s Pattycake (forward+Triangle) doesn’t always combo with its follow-up. It isn’t an issue with spacing. The only time it works 100% is when the opponent is against the wall.

The first part of the move has two hits, and the follow-up does two more. If the second hit of the first part connects, then it will combo into the follow-up. Problem is, the second hit, of the first part, misses often. This makes the move almost completely useless. It’s like a 50/50 chance that your attack will actually work, which is not what you want in a fighting game.

My suggestion is to extend the hit-box of the second hit, so that the move actually works.


I am still trying to work out the reproduction steps, but on multiple occasions (on PS3 and Vita versions), I have selected a character, and ended up with a different character by the time it shows the VS screen.


Some online glitches I’ve seen:
[]greyed out characters/invisible characters that are invincible
]character gets swapped after connecting a match (I choose Ratchet but when the match is made I’m now playing as Kratos wtf)


Yeah this one seems pretty common, everyone I’ve talked to has seen it. I’ve ran into some people during a 2v2 that were saying “hey I didn’t pick these guys”.


Ran into a naughty bug last night. Went into a rank match where match started and I didn’t spawn at all. One other player didn’t spawn neither and had a Kratos fighting an invisible PaRappa with the 1v1 zoom in camera focusing on Kratos. I was put in speculator mode in a rank match I was suppose to take part in. Fucking weird.



This is an issue I have with Parappa and slopes while using S3.

It also happens on the seesaw and the plant things in Little Big Planet stage.


Fat Princess’s Air Side+Triangle (belly splash) will not connect with a grounded back-turned opponent IF it is the far-reaching 20 AP version. The close 30 AP hit still works. The 20 AP version will just push against the opponent until the move is over. If it hits a grounded front-facing opponent, then it will knock them back into a small stun.


Got thrown out of Fat Princess’s lvl 1 (The charging portion, not the startup).

The bug comes in the fact that for the rest of the match she had the aura like she was supering and I was unable to do a super for the rest of the game, even after respawning.


Last night I played 2v2 online. My partner was a Sackboy and used his level 3. When he did the black turned black, the popit menu covered Sackboy and the bubbles didn’t appear at all. The opponent just flowed in the air in a awkward position and didn’t die when touched. Hitting him would make him drop his AP. He stayed that way until I grabbed him. The game stayed in level 3 mode even after Sackboy lost his meter so no one was able to use their supers. My partner broke the game


Just an error that was also in the Beta. Going into an online game with one character but in the match the game gives you a different character


Anyone get a darkened, frozen from your movement screen with high consistency when trying to write messages in this game?

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Ready Bug in 1.0.3



I got the same thing yesterday. Ended up just rebooting the game after waiting a little bit.


Has anyone else noticed kills not registering on the scoreboard?

I just played a FFA game with a Toro who used his level 3. Everyone was alive when the level 3 super was used and it showed all 3 players in the animation (getting beat up by Toro). However at the score screen, the poor Toro player only had 2 kills.

I feel like some other games I played didn’t have kills registering too, but I could’ve just miscounted on those ones. Anyone else notice anything?


At one point a Ratchet player had disconnected from the game but it seems not all of him left.

Also a Radec player disconnected and this happened at the results screen.


That’s not a glitch. Rage quitters get -99 when the match ends.


I’ve noticed something strange regarding my BnB Nariko combo. I posted this in the Nariko thread but no one seemed to know anything about it. I’m wondering if it’s a bug.

My Bnb is N3 --> U2 --> j.U2 --> j.N3 --> j.N1x3. It nets 100 AP and in training mode will give you AP burst…however, in game it always just ends at 100 AP with no burst. Does anyone else use this combo in game and noticed the same thing?

Similarly, if I do my near-the-wall combo - N3 --> U2 --> U2 --> j.N3 --> j.N1x3, it also just gives 100 in game with no AP burst (but does AP burst in training mode).

Anyone else experience this or know the reason why it does not give AP burst in online multiplayer but does in practice mode?

Edit: Just checked this out in versus mode - these combos DO give AP burst in versus mode too. It appears it is just an online thing?

Here’s Maj’s article about AP burst system ( I don’t think any of the moves in either combo count as “twitch” moves.


The Ratchet player in the first picture rage quit and got -1 as you can see. Most of the time the raqe quitter would have a score of 0.

Then at the winning screen sometimes the character model for the rage quitter’s character doesn’t load or you have Ratchet’s circumstance which is lol.

Pretty sure a RQer’s score is supposed to be 0 with the character’s model loaded and any other outcome is a glitch but I can’t say for sure.


That’s not a glitch, it’s Slim Cognito!