Playstation Cable Colours

I need to wire up a playstation cable for my MC Cthulhu tonight, but I don’t have access to a multimeter to check the wire colours.

I’m scavenging the cable from an official Sony PS1 digital pad; is it safe enough to assume that Sony cables follow a standard for wiring colours?

From Toodles’ instructable on making a PS cable, I believe the wiring colours should correspond to the following:

Color    Purpose  Pin #  Cthulhu Column
Brown    DATA    1      C
Orange   CMD      2      B
Black    GND      4      G
Red      VCC      5      V
Yellow   ATT      6      D
Blue     CLK      7      A
Green    ACK      9      F

This is the PCB I’m taking the cable from:

If I knew what the points on the PCB were, I could confirm it that way, but they’re not marked on the slagcoin diagram.

Would it do any damage to my Cthulhu if I wired it up without testing and something was wrong?

Never, ever trust the wire coloring on Play Station cables, ever.
They change a lot from brand to brand, model to model, different revisions for the same model and sometimes the same revision for that model.
System cables are notorious for that, not just with Play Station Pads, but almost every pad out there, the one exception is USB. As USB is built around very strict but very universal specs.

That said, crossing signal lines isn’t PCB breaking, its attaching a voltage line to a signal source our output that will ruin a pcb. Sony had the PS1 and PS2 pads have 2 different voltage lines, one at 3.3 volts one at 7 volts. For MC Cthulhu and other PCBs we ignore and not connect the 7 volt line.

You can make a continuity tested with a Light, like a LED, some wire and some batteries but you are better off getting a multi meter.

OK, at least I know which one is 3.3V!

Is there any way I could trace which points the wires are connected to that would help me out? Failing that, I’ll just try to bodge a continuity tester together from a torch…

Head to the PS section, use the photo of the PS plug as your guide on pin numbering. Test each pin out and write down the color for each pin.

Well, I tried it out, and they were the standard colours :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

Cool then, long story short its better to check and get it right then assume they are right.
This way you avoid damage to your MC Cthulhu or your PlayStation