Playstation controller layout FG players screwed forever? xTokki no longer in production


I was under the impression that xTokki was pretty much the only remaining hope for any PS2/3 pad players to play on 360. I was planning to join a tourney in June but they use 360s now as opposed to last year where they used PS3s, so I started looking around for my options and sought out an xTokki despite the fact that PS2 d-pads are crap; it’s better than nothing.

Found out that they were out of stock so I e-mailed the etokki team themselves and this is what they said

This is giving me really, really bad vibes. And don’t tell me to just learn a new controller layout and/or a stick layout now; it’s kinda hard to be migrating from a layout that you’ve been using for 15+ years. Anyone with good alternatives? I have a PS2 pad, a PS3 pad, and a PS4 pad. Need to make at least one of 'em work on a 360.


Use an FGW Converter (input = PS2 plug) in conjunction with any 360-compatible PCB like a padhack, Mad Catz Fightstick PCB or PS360+ (output = 360).

There’s always a way.


I bought the xtokki convertor from this store on ebay. It is a legitimate xtokki convertor.

I use it with my saturn ps2 pad.


^ Oh man, that shipping though… but I guess I’ll check it out with the lack of options I have.