Playstation Home: Who uses it?

ok, so i am trying to get Home up and what not. I wanted to try and see what it is all about. downloaded all of the areas and all, not that interesting.

You can launch games and challenge people i think. I cant read any of it cause it has hella kanji. but i said hell with it and tried everything that I could.

this is about SF4 in Home:

Does anyone use this besides chatting to random people, bowling, and dancing?

Will it be more useful to use Home rather than SFIV’s online match up system? If you use home, you cant get some trophies for challenges.

No one.

if they really decided to integrate it well and make a SFIV room that just simulated the regular arcade i’d be in on it. but yeah at the moment home is dull to me.

SFIV is supposed to get it’s own room soon.

Yeah I was in the closed beta and wasn’t too impressed. not sure of the changes they’ve made since then but…there wasn’t a whole lot to do…not very user friendly when it came to personalizing you place. I’ll probably use it for SF4 though. That’s about the only reason I would go on it. Bowling sux.

Playstation Home is the result of utterly clueless marketing and advertising people sitting around jerking one another off.

Game launching only works for Warhawk right now, and this is really the only reason to use home. So unless they ever patch it to work with more games Home is a place where people go to spend money on fake clothes and hit on women avatars controlled by neckbeards.

The sad thing is Home has a lot of potential. The idea of having a virtual world for free is a great idea! The ability to buys shit for real money is a cool idea too. Nothing I’ve seen so far has been extremely expensive. No more than what half you guys spend on a chicken sammich from Burger King. I got my Home space set up all nice and classy looking but I never invite people over because I don’t have enough friends. Not only that but no one uses headsets and everyone in the different lobbies are just skirt chasers.

I personally don’t like Home right now because it doesn’t have anything to offer me and the community is pretty much retarded. A bunch of companies signed on with it recently though. SNK, Capcom, Atlus, D3, ect. Hopefully these companies will bring some life to the damn thing.

Is that shit even out? Even if it were, I won’t use it.

Pretty much what Enumasam said. Hopefully in time more things to do will be added.

home is ass

it was only cool when certain people had the beta after that i never went on it again HD remix killed home for me

It has potential, but as it is right now, I don’t see much of a point. I don’t play warhawk, and I don’t really care about the other stuff. SFIV may change that.

I’ve only used it to gender switch on dorks who hit on my wife’s avatar. :rofl:

But, I’m going to be using it seriously and more often for SFIV and RE5.

I tried it and found abunch of people sitting around doing nothing. I then proceeded to endlessly stand next to groups of friends and do the robot for no reason.

…needless to say, I was entertained.

I like the idea of Home more than Home. Hopefully that will change with SF4.

Home is fun when I have bad days and want to take it out on everyone else :slight_smile:

The few times I got on Home it seemed like everywhere there was 12 year boys hitting on any female avatar while talking dirty and trying to rub up against them.

Oh yeah and there was not much to do either… so much potential.

I’ve been on it a hand full of times. I just keep it on my PS3 to see how it will evolve.

itd not what i espected so im rarely on it