Playstation Move fighting game - Motion Fighter


A pre-alpha title called Motion Fighter used Sony’s PlayStation Move motion-sensing controllers to facilitate one-on-one street fighting at their GDC press conference this afternoon.

A demonstration we watched had a person swinging his fists – both loaded with a Move controller – to beat down an on-screen thug. The motions looked to be on a 1:1 basis, with the on-screen fists of his character seeming to connect perfectly in line with his real world movements, but they didn’t seem to connect at the expected time. At the end of the presentation, the player took the on-screen enemy into a headlock and hit his head in.

What Sony showed was marked as “pre-alpha,” which they estimated as 20 percent finished.


I remember a developer saying you don’t want games to be completely one-one ratio, because it would be missing the point in some ways. It’s a decent tech demo, but at that point I’d might as well take up boxing or MMA training.


what sony showed was marked as “total dick”


SF7 tutorial:

To perform a shoryuken, call the attack name while punching upwards, jumping and spinning, making sure nobody is around to watch you embarass yourself


To play as sakura, wear a sailor uniform complete with skirt, and make sure your panties show when you kick


The concept of a motion capture fighter always seemed stupid to me. I don’t really want fighting games to be less abstract.



I wouldnt mind seeing this again




Screw motion based fighting, sexy downhill office chair racing is where it’s at.


The game looked terribly bad, why show something that would turn people away.


Probably just to show that they can do 1:1 motion control. My money’s on it being fixed to something more user friendly before launch.


Seems like an alright concept. But from the sounds of it, it looks like that they want to teach you fighting motions rather than replicate your own motions. Not to mentions it has its own game limitations (ie: if you can punch really fast, it will downscale that to game speed). I dont think it can also distinguish between speedy jabs and punches with a bit of force behind them, so there is that problem as well.

These kind of games will never be competitive, the will be along the lines of Fight Night games. But in the future when you get to create a fighter and have your own move sets and 1:1 sync with your movements, it will be a totally awesome experience (although I’m not sure if the PSEye can recognize elbows and other body parts).