Playstation Network or Xbox Live for Capcom fighting games?

When it comes to playing online, all I care about is Capcom fighting games, so I would like to know which network is the busiest with games such as Marvel VS Capcom 2 and Street Fighter 4 because that info will strongly affect my decision on which system to buy. I have read that Xbox Live is the best overall but I am still leaning towards the PS3 because the menus and system design look slick compared to the Xbox. Comments from anyone who has played on both networks recently or semi recently would be greatly appreciated.

Ecks Bawks Live costs money.

From experience, Xbox Live player base is stronger.

This guy is gonna love SFIV online.


If you plan at participating at all in your local scene, I would recommend checking to see which one is more popular in your area.

If you don’t know any other players near you yet, this thread is probably the perfect place for you to start.

a lot more american players on xbox. japanese players/better competition on PS3.

Yeah, that’s kind of how I’d describe it. 360 has like a 7% market share in Japan, and loses out in all 4 of the biggest countries in Europe, too. The first of these gives the PS3 quality, and the second gives quantity.

XBL. Better online SERVICE is…better online service.

Plus in China, the overwhelming majority of Xbox 360s are hacked, so no online. More PS3 online players here. Plus I have decent connections to Japan/Korea.

For most people though, Live is probably the way to go for purely online.

Purely online for genres other than fighting games such as FPS then I would agree. The thing is the original question asked in this thread pertains specifically to Capcom fighting games in which case the best overall choice is PS3. I have no grudge against Xbox 360, I have that console as well as PS3. In my experiences I have had better competition/ people who aren’t 12 and/or constantly using profanities on PS3 way more than Xbox 360.

Well, MvC2 is preferred on PS3 due to the xbox version having more glitches(?). But, yeah it seems over all the preferred system is PS3.

Not sure where all the ps3 support is coming from(especially for marvel, both ps3 and xbox versions are fucked in their own ways)

Outside of cost, I’ve yet to see a single reason to play the fighters on ps3 over xbox. You’ll get your moneys worth in comp for marvel at the least.

The only game I have played for both is HDR and the 360 version is much smoother and lag free in my experience. Thats not to say the 360 version is perfect online, but the PS3 version was pretty bad at times.

from my experience, PS3 and 360 are pretty similar as far as online fighting games go. i personally prefer PS3 for the free online service and built in wireless.

What? both versions are the same

The ONLY reason PS3 is preferred for tounrey play is because its easier to connect most sticks via converter. thats all.

actually x360 marvel is really fucked up. more so than the ps3 version is.

some differences between the 2

  • x360 has startup lag in the beginning of the round. Pretty bad I may add, this isn’t present on the ps3 version. This prevents any type of opening mixup what so ever on x360. You’re basically rolling the dice to see if the game will take a just frame input.

  • the amount of stage lag on x360 is terrible. This isn’t a problem on the ps3 what so ever. It seems like the ps3 version handles processing the game better. The stage lag on x360 is just god awful. Even in training mode, there is HUGE amounts of stage lag. Reminiscent of the ps2 version.

In that case, it’s an issue of the PS3 game being a shotty port of the 360 version (Sirlin prefers the 360 and Macs)

This information is based off of spotty memory and limited testing.

as was mine.

carry on.

Well, funny you say that. Most multi-platform games these days, they code the PS3 version first, and then keep taking bits out until it fits on the XBox. I guess with SF2 it all fits on both consoles (except the SD backgrounds, and the intro sequence, which was cut because it wouldn’t fit within the MS filesize download limit)