Playstation Network PLAY reveals DLC fighters for SF:TSO?


What the fuck? Could only be some lame ass Shin Gouki shit really.

Yeah, I don’t really get it since they’ve talked so much about it being “Arcade Perfect” and yet DLC characters go against that very notion. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Sony already said that the DLC is just unlocking Gill without having to beat the game with every character.

I wonder if the one character they re-balanced was gill

even though they’ve said there is no rebalancing. It’s a straight arcade perfect port

Calling it now: First week scrub army = Ken & Gill. Free wins. Can’t wait.

How would they rebalance Gill though? Give him half-life and make the rainbow blessing one long bar?


No. Yun will be too difficult for new people that have never played 3S.

This. They will think 3S Yun is like AE Yun and get scraped.

Gill wont even be allowed in ranked anyhow.

I don’t understand how enabling a character you can enable just by playing is DLC but I guess so. Stupid. Who even cares about Gill. Still it’s good to know there’s no wacky shit going on.

Well it’s Content…that is Downloaded. Even if it’s just an unlock key it’s still DLC.

It’s Gill’s sister Jill as an unlockable character. She uses the elements of puppies&kittens and wants to make the world a Utopia for animals instead of humans like her older brother.
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