Playstation Now: Everything a fighting gamer must know about it


I hope this fits the Tech talk, because I couldn’t find a better place for it.

I tested and made my review. Maybe you may find all the answers you are looking for. If not, ask me. I tried to explain what I think it happens, but the netcode is always a mistery for the client side.

I should also say you might want to try it for yourself. Go ahead and share your opinion.

Pardon my dust, but I’m not the kind of guy who wants to make it looks beautiful. I hope you find it functional.


This basically playing a game online that’s playing a game online. There are 2 connections going on. One to the cloud streaming the game to your console, then from the cloud console to the other person’s real/cloud console. Of course it’s going to be laggy and not good for fighting games. It won’t be good for any type of competitive gaming or even online play in general. For a single player experience it might be passable but online, it’s just dumb to do. Something like this will most likely never be playable even with FIOS because of the dual connecting. One to the cloud server, and then from there, one to the game server/peer.

The likely reason you can’t stream and upload pictures or video is probably because of net bandwidth. If they allowed that, then you’d have people uploading to a stream server while playing the cloud which is playing another server. It’s a triple layer of lag and it’s good on them to disable it to keep people sane and from traveling across the country and killing some guy who was lagging them.


I wish I could play an online game of KOF13 on my vita with Remote Play with a PS4 connected to my router over wifi on PSNow. Unfortunately can’t remote in with the Vita…yet.


Moonchilde, you can’t record the gameplay locally, i.e., save to your hard drive. The only thing it could overload was your PS4.

Streaming would be possible depending on your connection, like when you play online and stream it to twitch. But they just want to make sure the quality is good enough.

For the server connection, maybe if two players are using PS now, it could be better. But I guess it requires 2 friends with the same game and PS now to run this test, as well as the PS3 version for comparison. A 64 ms would be bearable.

Everybody knew it would be laggy online, but not “offline”, and as it is a new product, why not test both? There was the FPS-like connection possibility.