Playstation or Xbox?


Just wanted to get a few opinions on the matter. Not planning on making the jump to the next gen consoles IMMEDIATELY but just wanted to think about what may be best suited for my interest.

As of now I own an Xbox 360, and I have for the past 5 years or so. In fact I’ve somehow gone through about 4-5 Xbox 360 consoles in that same time frame (which is completely ridiculous that I’ve paid over $700 on various consoles when ONE should have lasted as long, part of the reason I’m debating change). Before owning a Xbox 360 I was always a Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 enthusiast, and considered them the undisputed high end of the consoles of that generation. Up until the past 8 months I played a variety of games on my 360, but spent the most time with NHL games and Forza Motorsport. Then I fell in love with SFIV and it now consumes 90% of time that I spend gaming, and I don’t really see that changing anytime soon.

My girlfriend and I both own TEs that we have customized and we own a Forza Fanatec CSR (w/ Wheel Stand Pro) – I’m not entirely sure if there are firmware updates or simple adapters that would allow me to use the CSR with either PS4 OR Xbox One. But one reason I’m specifically thinking about making the switch to Playstation is because I spent close to $500 on a high-end steering wheel that has the FORZA logo on it but yet it was not made to be compatible with Xbox One and Forza 5; along with Microsoft’s additional lack of third party support and just overwhelming greed.

Part of me wants to switch to Playstation 3 now, sell my current sticks (and a small chance the Fanatec), and buy two of the new Ultra SFIV TE2s for PS3/PS4 instead. That way we would both have nice sticks that we could use indefinitely, most importantly when I make the leap to Playstation 4 (if I stayed on Xbox I would have to end up modding or getting new sticks for the Xbox One). Yet, even though I’m not ready to enter tournaments today, I know I’m going to in the not-so-distant future – If the fighting game community largely plays on Xbox 360 and that’s the console that’s going to be used at local/national tournament, then maybe that would be a mistake. But then again maybe Xbox will NOT be the FGC console of choice between the new-gen consoles here in a year or two.

There aren’t really any console-exclusive games that are important enough to pull me either way. I really like Forza but I’m sure Gran Turismo 7 will be comparable if not better than Forza 5. That being said, I own gaming consoles for what they were originally intended for – GAMING. This is another huge reason I’m tempted to ditch M$ is because for some reason they chose to cater the console around social media and being a home entertainment system and having an interactive menu you can talk to and blah blah blah (which I’m sure is exactly what they want, for you to have to have your xbox on the entire day because you have to just to watch your cable and everything is running through it – that way the thing will overheat and burn out in a few months), whereas Sony chose to focus on GAMING. I don’t care one bit about the home screen or voice/motion recognition, I care about which system performs the best gaming-wise and which will stand up to time.

Any input/discussion appreciated. Should I just stick with the 360 and what I have right now and see how things go first? Should I switch to a Playstation 3 (then to PS4)? Should I just save up and get a decent gaming PC?


There are a number of reasons to consider PS4 over Xbone, but probably the no. 1 reason being that most games are performing better on PS4. Plus, one of the most significant fighting game releases this gen is coming out on PS4 and that’s GGXrd. That means much of the FGC is going to hover around it. I really don’t think KI has the numbers to put the Xbone front and center as the FG platform of choice. Many people don’t take KI seriously. GGXrd however, will be taken seriously, at least until SF5 comes out.

However, getting a good gaming PC is always a good idea. You can usually play ports of last gen games at better resolutions and performance than the console versions and you can get pretty much any of the non-exclusive (like Bloodborne, damn you Sony!!) games on PC. This generation is all x86 so that means every studio can compile for 3 platforms easily with flags turned on or off and not have to do much else. That means mostly equalized ports across the board, and console code will be nearly identical to PC. PC ports this gen are going to be many, and if they don’t have a PC version then people are going to throw a fit because of this very reason, that there is NO reason why a game that is native x86 wouldn’t get a port.

And, as you sit the generation out with your PC you can wait and see how things go. In a year or two we should have a good indication of where the developers are going. In 3 years we’ll know for sure which to invest in, and which consoles will be at tournaments.


I know it sounds expensive but I would try to branch out to every system I could afford.

I usually lean on 360 for fighting games but I’m all for the ps4 this gen. The games perform better and the best developers are in their pocket (Japanese games etc). If there’s something on xbox one calling your name then go for it but I don’t plan on buying one for at least another year until they develop some good exclusives


I’ve personally only been playing fighting games on my PS3 lately. Mostly because that’s where to play airdashers. PC has KoF and SFIV. The only thing on my 360 I can’t play anywhere else is Marvel really.


Yep, Marvel is pretty much the one game on the two consoles that is significantly better.


I don’t know your financial situation but you almost always lose money making a “switch” like this, best to branch out if possible. Your TE’s are probably no longer sold in stores so if they aren’t beat up or anything I’d hang onto them maybe dual mod?

As for next gen I’ve already sworn them off, PC as well, you don’t need a beastly computer anymore to play PC games – there’s very little innovation out there anymore!


theres a a fanatec wheel that works with ps3/360 & pc, maybe you should trade for that?

you should only go next gen when theres a game that pulls you to it

i only went to next gen and got ps3 for super turbo hd, the only thing that will pull me to next gen is super turbo 4K


Neither the XBONE or PS4 output in 4k.

Let me rephrase, HDMI 1.4 (which both “next gen” systems use) can only output full 4k at 24MHz. It is not a simple software update as the hdmi1.4 standard just doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle full 4k at a reasonable speed.


PS4 so far only does 1080p out of the box, rumor is the machine could do 4K after a firmware update but there are concerns that at 4K the PS4 capabilities will go down.

The Xbox One on the other hand, it has issues running games at 1080p at 60 fps, especially compared to the PS4 and Wii U.


Nah, we’re screwed if you want 4k until the first revision of either system. Nobody wants to play 4k at 24-30MHz. That’s a non-starter. Since the XBONE and PS4 are essentially the same system, the problems are probably OS related. Yeah, I know, DDR5 vs DDR3, but the XBONE had more usable slow RAM. It shouldn’t be as big a performance difference as it has actually turned out to be. This smacks of PlayStation/saturn where better games were being made early for the PS because it was easier to program for.


when i say the only game that will pull me to next gen is super turbo 4k, thats what i meant, im not suggesting 4k will be doable on ps4/x1

so if its not out till ps5 or 6, then im waiting, i get all the entertainment in my little time from ngc, dc, snes, ps2/3, and the og xbox(mame)

all in all its failed promises, remember the hype from sony that ps3 will do 60fps 1080p, lol not even all ps4 games are doing that, i think ps4/x1 is not really next gen, its what the ps3/360 were supposed to be


There is already a gaming system that can do what you want, it’s called a medium grade mid level pc.


We hear ya, you don’t want a PS4 or Xbone.
No one forcing you to buy a console here.

Lets stick to facts here and not get into opinions.

That said, there is a huge difference when you compare the PS3/Xbox 360 graphics to PS4 and Xbox one graphics.
The Characters and landscapes can’t get anymore detailed on their own, but particle effects, weather and environmental effects, simulated photographic effects, and the number of objects that can be reasonably run on the screen is a HUGE DEAL.

For everyone else:

Yes I using mostly PS3 to PS4 comparison videos but I think other readers in this thread would appreciate this


Hi there. I’m also debating which version of the new TE2 to get too. I’m primarily an xbox 360 guy. I’ve been transitioning to PC because nothing really interests me on the new consoles. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ve made up my mind. I’ve been meaning to go PC for quite some time to join my friends.

Right now I think it’s still too early to commit to a new console. Consoles really show their colours when there are a few major releases that are developed purely for that generation (no legacy console ports) made available for purchase. I think we’ll see this late next year. I always tell people to keep an open mind up until this point when a new generation comes around. Oddly enough this generation seems to be taking its sweet time getting to this point.

The great thing is that no matter which version of the TE2 you get, you SHOULD be good to go on PC (I’m told there are good PS3/4 drivers for PC). USFIV also to be pretty well optimised on PC and Skullgirls doesn’t need a whole lot of horsepower to run. So even if you don’t build a high end gaming PC you’ll be fine on the platform.

So the question becomes what console do you want to commit to?

Based on your response you just want to get rid of your 360 because you’ve had some really bad luck (I know that feel, I’m on xbox number 3 which I’ve had for 4 years). If it runs fine, just make sure it’s properly ventilated and stays in out of the sun while in use. Sounds like you have two good sticks and there isn’t much reason to sell anything if it all works. You’re better off waiting and making the switch when you decide it’s actually worth changing platforms.

If you’re committed to switching platforms now, I’d get the PS3/4 edition. Works on 3 platforms, one of which is eternal and another is current as opposed to the 360 edition which is limited to PC and a legacy console.


No reason not to get the PS4 version of the TE2, adding 360 support is far easier and cheaper then adding PS4 support at the moment.


Thanks for everyone’s input!

Just so that I’m clear – as of now there is no plan to release Ultra SFIV on either PS4 or Xbox One, correct (aside from on PSnow or whatever, which doesn’t sound like a very viable option)?


That’s correct. To my knowledge there is no information about street fighter on the new consoles one way or the other.


Is there truth to the claims that Capcom fighters suffer from an input delay when on PS3 vs. Xbox 360? If so, is that online only or also true for local play?


Mine is. I was merely complaining that a wheel specifically made for FORZA (even has the Forza logo on it) is not supported on the Xbox One for Forza 5. That’s a huge kick in the balls, but it’s obvious Microsoft doesn’t care. Like anyone who has already sunk that money in a quality product is going to run out and buy an Xbox One, Forza 5, AND a sub-rate Madcatz wheel while their Fanatec sits their and gathers dust.

It’s almost like Microsoft is, at this point, only attempting to appeal NEW customers. Probably because they’re aware that most of their old customers have one foot out of the door.