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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s Feb 8th, 2011 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 is only 7 days away! With that said, it’s time for a new HYPE to be re-created after 10 years of waiting. Of course, we won’t have Spectator mode and who knows when they’re going to release it. They’re working on Super Street Fighter IV AE (releasing this year), 3rd Strike Online Edition, and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Of course, they even created a Super Street Fighter IV for 3D DS. So, a lot is happening with Capcom.

As you may no or may not know. Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament is FINALLY over and we have a winner. Renique45 manage to overcome players from other states and Canada and not to mention Mexico. While Mexico had some disadvantage (English is not their primary language). They manage to have one player to represent their homeland and he is Crono; leading in 2nd place.

Now, that the tournament is finally over. I would love to introduce a new system and this is Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 Paypal System.

This is going to be a Money Match via Online. Users will ONLY face each other that doesn’t experience lag. If you plan to use a cheating method (lag switching, trying to download to take advantage or anything). You will receive infractions and the more infractions you get. You will be banned from future tournament and online money matches.

We will only do a max of 20 dollars money match and the donation will be sent to me. I will get 20% out of it and the rest will go to the winner. This money will be use to improve STREAM and future tournament prizes that I will be hosting in the future.

Questions? Suggestions? Please post them here or send me an e-mail at


jejejeje… like FB … First post XD hahahaha!..

lets see what happens


I got couple of people that wishes to do this stuff. So, if you guys are up for it. Lets have a discussion. Get your Marvel’s pals in here.


like evo online, this is illegal in many states. check with your local enforcement authorities before participating.


Well, tax are being reported tho.


not sure if want…


Again, this is merely a discussion. You don’t have to participate the event. If a Money Match is hosted at my page. This is how it’s going to work


im all down for MMs like them and they are hype…but paypal MMs seems…idk. if someone ducks payment theres not much anyone can do about it


20 percent is a pretty big brokers fee if you ask me


you need to put marvel in the title to attract more attention. Im down though for paypal tournies, or hell paypal money matches.


if its a 20 dollar MM hes getting what, 4 bucks?


:wonder: Sup Gentlemen. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if PayPal money matches are allowed here on SRK (I’ve been away for a while) but I’m going to talk with the other moderates and let you all know what’s up. Until, I’ll ask that we keep this Playstation PayPal idea on hold. I’ll let you all know what’s up as soon as I get an answer… dood!


His dealer rake is 20%. if there’s $40 in the pot, he takes $8.
When using PayPal, there is also a 3.5% surcharge for credit transactions and a conversion fee of usually 2-3%. debit transactions are free but take weeks to process.


That is correct Andy-E. While this isn’t just for merely a MM but also to help out the streaming and other events that I will be hosting for the Playstation Network. The reason on why I didn’t just go with Marvel vs Capcom was because I might do more than just MvC series.


Not sure if my 2 cents will count but it’s an avenue that we ventured. As far as MM’s are concerned, it didn’t look pretty and we had some unnecessary aggravation built off of it. Not to mention that most of the people whom played SSFIV never had their own PayPal account in the first place.

But that’s my own 2 cents.


Nem, how did you guys plan it out? I figured that the best way is for both players to give their money to the middle man, and then the middle man will transfer all the funds to the winner


We created a UYG Paypal Account and used myself as the middle man.


I don’t think 20% is a lot. If you think about it, GFB will be on top of things, and monitor the MM’s. Would any of you think that you can do it for less than 20%? I think it’s safe to send the money to a middle man like GFB, that way, all the funds are already there before the matches even begin. I think the whole point of this is to get lots of people to join. Let’s say if it’s a $5 entry, if 20 people play, then that’s a $100. So the winner of that money would mind to give up 20% after winning 100? Someone needs to host right and make sure the money is there and ready to be transfer to the winner right? So that winner should get something.


20% is a considerable rake. rakes in live casino poker rooms are usually only 5-10%, online they’re as little as 1-2%.

20% is almost double the provincial and federal tax rates combined. it’s also more than the federal deductible on any paycheque. by your logic in a similar situation, if you worked 100 hours at a $15/hr rate, you would not mind giving $300 of that to the guy who handed you your envelope?

I support this PayPal MM idea, but I cannot concur with the numbers. I think a 5% rake from the winner’s “investment” would be fair, but not 20% of the pot. Keep in mind these are 1v1 money match rakes, not the tournament style hosting/venue fee that you are thinking of. Tournaments usually have betting odds of 1:20 or more. TFNS’s december tourney had odds of 1:60. GFB’s PayPal concept has odds of less than 1:1.

Despite that, those are GFB’s terms, and he’s proved himself a trusted board member. So if you don’t mind a 20% pot rake and need a middle man for an online MM, by all means hire him for his services.


The way we had it set up was basically
$10 to $20 MM’s where the winner would give up 10%. And no more than that. I mean our setups were more in FT5 setups which was why we set them up as $10 to $20.